Axwell interview

The Performer tells us why he loves Dubai, can't wait for NYE, and reveals his previous NYE experiences.


I tend to come to Dubai once a year and I really enjoy the way that everything is number one – the hotels are the best, the restaurants are the best and the weather is always the best. You know you won’t be disappointed when you go to Dubai – you know exactly what you’re going to get. And the crowd is great. They work hard and play hard, and that’s the kind of crowd I like.

Have I learned anything in the past year? Well I’ve learned what it’s like to have a baby – I just became a father. I’ve learned that you don’t really know what love is or how you feel about anything until you have a child. You give everything up to the child. You think, ‘Tell me what to do, I’ll do anything.’ If you thought you did everything you could for your girlfriend then you have no idea – it’s a totally different thing for your child. But I know I will be scared of the music that he will want to hear when he grows up. He won’t be saying, ‘Oh please dad, put on those rare grooves that you play,’ he will be, ‘Where’s Britney?’ or that sort of thing. But I’ll do my best to educate him.

Spending New Year’s Eve in Dubai will be great. I cannot think of another place I’d rather be, to be honest – I’ll be bringing friends with me, and the way I look at it, an ordinary night out in Dubai is like New Year’s Eve in Sweden, so what will Dubai on New Year’s Eve be like? I bet it’s going to be spectacular.

Sometimes spectacle can be too much, though. Last New Year’s Eve, I was playing in Düsseldorf at the big Sensation White party. It was really spectacular, with everyone dressed in white and all these big explosions going off everywhere. It was nice, but nights like that are more about the show than the DJ, so you can’t really interact with the audience. If you’re the only one they’re watching, you can work them, but if there’s too much going on it’s a different score.

The last time I spent a New Year’s Eve not DJing was five years ago, when I went to a dinner party. It was one of those things where you think you should have a small, intimate dinner with friends and then you remember that if you’re single what you want to do is find a girl. So then you scan the party, see nothing and go, ‘Oh. Perfect.’ I met my current girlfriend later on. She was a hairdresser and I went in to get my hair cut just so I could ask her out. It went on from there. And she cuts my hair well, too.

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