DJ Pippi chats

DJ Pippi talks previous NYE appearances, future plans, and his excitement at taking Dubai into 2009.

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You’re not a stranger to Dubai, are you?
No, I’ve been to Dubai many times before and I really like it there. I was one of the first DJs after Pierre Ravan to come and play, back before there was a house scene. Of course, it’s grown crazy very fast since then. It’s got a real international pull.

Is it going to be a little sad for you, being off abroad on New Year’s Eve?
In some ways, but I’m a DJ so this is just my job. Luckily, I have some good friends in Dubai who will be there and in many ways it feels like home. It’s always an adventure for me; it’s always good.

What’s your wish for 2009?
Everyone talks about the economic crisis and having no money, so I only wish for this time to better for everyone in the world. I also want to improve my production and to collaborate with great people.

What did you do this year?
I did a track with Willie Graff called ‘Hyper Space’. It was not in the mainstream, but it did well in the underground. And also I started my own label, Aluminium Records, which will have new productions next year.

What was the best moment you had this year?

Actually, that was only the other week – I was playing on a beach to 30,000 people who were dancing and screaming, and after 12 straight hours of dancing, many people were sleeping on the sand, everywhere. I took a picture – it was amazing.

What do you like to do when you’re not working?
Just sitting on the beach and looking out across the horizon, thinking about life and the planet. I’m really happy to be here in this time, doing what I really love. I think these are the best things in life for me.

DJ Pippi plays Ginseng/Plan B, December 31

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