LMFAO star Sky Blu in Dubai

‘Party Rock Anthem’ hitmaker talks life as a solo artist ahead of People anniversary gig

LMFAO star Sky Blu in Dubai
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First up, Sky Blu is nothing like you’d expect. And by that we mean – nothing like you'd expect somebody who’s sold more than ten million records to be. A lot more in fact, LMFAO’s super-smash ‘Party Rock Anthem’ shifted 9.7 million in 2011 alone, a figure nearly matched by follow-up ‘Sexy and I Know It’. But, as used to diva-like demands and stroppy stars as we are, we’re happy to report there was a welcome lack of ego when we encountered Sky Blu (real name Skyler Gordy, grandson of Motown records founder Berry Gordy Jnr). Lounging by the pool at the Conrad Dubai, ahead of an invite-only, black tie anniversary gig at People by Crystal that evening, Gordy could not have been warmer or more open, gamely answering pretty much every question we threw his way, however personal or ridiculous (see below).

But then, in another sense, Sky Blu is exactly the guy you’d expect him to be. While he’s trimmed back the outlandish trademark afro, his personality remains as larger-than-life gregarious, while there’s the unflinching commitment to ‘the party’ that you’d expect from someone who made his fortune from albums called Party Rock and Sorry for Party Rocking (the former of which was described by the Los Angeles Times as ‘14 virtually interchangeable odes to nightlife’). Arriving in Dubai after a sleepless two and a half day stop-off in Amsterdam, Sky remains surprisingly upbeat. ‘I’m the party starter,’ he says without irony as we sit down to talk. And talking is something he’s rather good at.

With LMFAO officially on hiatus since September last year, amid rumours of fallouts between Sky and his uncle Redfoo, Sky released his solo debut Rebel Music as a free download in July. We found out more.

What’s the biggest misconception about you?
I’m not Redfoo! We’re just different... and Redfoo is 11 years [older]. A lot of people assume I’m a LMFAO guy – I am one, but I’m a man as well.

So who are you?

I’m Sky. I think people will see that. I released this solo album to bridge that gap, between LMFAO and what I want to do with the next album.

How do you make music?
The music I make isn’t very thought out, it’s not this or that. I just go to the studio and keep going with what feels good. That’s a very unusual way to come up with music. I write for the people. I want to write something that makes the audience feel the way I feel when I made it.

You're known for partying hard. When was the craziest night of your life?
Probably ’07, when me and Redfoo were at the Ultra Music Festival [in Miami] for the first time. It was sunset and Roger Sanchez was playing and it started raining, and all these people started taking their clothes off. It was like the most spiritual experience ever. That’s when I fell in love with electronic music.

What’s your greatest fear?
Nothing. I went through a lot of things in my life.

The most intimating person you’ve met?
I wouldn’t say intimidating, but I’d say an overwhelming feeling was meeting Doctor Dre. I got to sit next to him, just me and him, and I’m thinking ‘this guy made songs that made me who I am today’. That was an enormous honour.

The most extravagant thing you’ve bought?
A fully fledged music studio. And a RED camera – the kind they shot Pirates of the Caribbean on – for $80,000. That’s the most extreme, although it’s not like jewellery.

So, jewels?
I got a couple of chains, y’know.

How much?
I think $20,000 for one... $20,000 but I got it for $16,000.

What’s the most romantic thing you’ve done?
There’s a lot – but one would be a scavenger hunt with presents spread everywhere. Or a fully custom made... something... stick to the first one.

Who have you stole the most from musically, and who has stolen the most from you?

The person I’ve stolen the most from is... Redfoo. And the person who’s stolen the most from me is... Redfoo.

So when will you work together again? You mentioned a second solo album.
There’s nobody doing what I’m doing. I want to be the biggest, I just want to go crazy, every day I’m testing for my next album. He’s working on his album. Then maybe we’ll do an LMFAO album. He’s been in Australia so we haven’t had contact in a long time. He’s doing his thing, holding it down. He’s great, he’s a very, very special person – but the world will definitely see that... so am I!

Before we go, how old are you?

Anything else to tell Time Out’s readers?
Redfoo’s 38! Ha!

Download Rebel Music for free from BigBad.com.

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