Stereo MCs in Dubai

Dance heroes prepare to play Infusion event on Atlantis Beach

One half of British electronic dance act Stereo MCs catches up with Peter Feely ahead of the group’s DJ set on the beach at Dubai’s Atlantis The Palm.

How are things?
We were just working on some music. It sounds quite different – there’s quite a lot of dance stuff in it. We’ve been working with a guy called Raf from a group called The 2 Bears, which is him and a guy called Joe Goddard [from Hot Chip] and they made an album the year before last that did quite well in the UK. It’s quite different sounding. Quite odd but I think it’s quite good.

How do you feel about performing ‘Connected’?
I actually don’t really mind because it’s a song that we made and we still put the same spirit into it today. I think we probably resented it for a while. It was more difficult just after that [when the song was a hit] because there had become so much of an expectation of what we sound like.

You’ve remixed a number of Madonna tracks, which she used on her tour. Have you had the pleasure of meeting Madge?
We talked on the phone – I was impressed that she could be bothered to ring us up to talk about the remix because that was the first time that anyone we’d done a remix for had actually phoned up and talked about it. She was interested and she was personally involved – usually it’s a farm-it-out sort of situation. I respect the fact that the reason she’s lasted so long is that she cares about the music she’s making.

You’ve been with vocalist Rob Birch for a long time [since 1985], do you ever fight or is it a harmonious relationship?
We’ve known each other since we were kids. We have fallen out about certain things over the years but that was probably just us searching for what we really want.

You went on a US tour with the Happy Mondays. How was that and did they behave?
They’re great – they’re pretty out there but they’re lovely guys. Without telling you anything about it, it was pretty out there on that tour. I do have a lot of stories about it but I don’t want to disrespect them.

Is there anyone in the business you’d refuse to work with?
If somebody asks us to do a remix and we’re not that into the original track then we just pass. There’s things that we didn’t remix that was probably stupid of us not to do like Massive Attack. In general we would avoid overly poppy music. I’d definitely pass on One Direction – that’s not really got a lot to do with music to me, it’s Simon Cowell.

What have we got to look forward to when you play Dubai?
I guess we’re playing contemporary club music – I hate labelling music but it’s the kind you throw your mind and body into.
Stereo MCs are playing a DJ set at Infusion 9 on December 6. Dhs250. Atlantis Beach, Atlantis The Palm.

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