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American socialite on TV, cooking and music

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Following an appearance DJing at Cavalli Club, the American socialite, TV star and hotel heiress tells Peter Feely about her life and the pitfalls of fame.

You do lots of different things, TV, fashion, modelling, music..
I consider myself a business woman and a brand.

How does it feel being a brand? It must be a bit weird.
I love it – there are so many brands out there but there aren’t many alive brands that are actually a person, so it makes me feel proud.

Do you have a particular passion for any of the things you do?
I love it all. My passion is to be a businesswoman and I love music and fashion. So it’s great that I get to do everything.

When you were a kid, did you want to be famous?
No, when I was younger I wanted to be a veterinarian – I was a huge animal lover and then when I went to school they started telling me what you need to do when you’re a veterinarian – putting animals to sleep and giving them shots. All these things I could never do to an animal. Then I decided I wanted to be a model.

If you had known then what the deal was with fame, would you follow that path again?
I don’t know – there’s the good and bad that goes along with it.

What’s the most irritating thing that anyone’s ever written about you?
All the time people are writing things that are untrue and very mean – that’s just how it is.

Can you think of a specific example?
I don’t even want to talk about what they are because then I’m going to give those people attention. In this business it comes along with it – there are going to be people that make up stories and that just happens.

You often attend events and endorse them. How do you feel when you just don’t fancy going out, when you just want to chill out and relax?
I work all of the time so I’m constantly on a plane going to another event, always working. I can’t back out. When I do have my free time I really like to take advantage of it and stay at home.

And what does Paris Hilton do when she’s relaxing?
I just love to cook and sit in my back yard.

So quite a simple life, nothing extravagant?
No, I just like to chill and be in my sweatsuit.

Do you have a problem trusting people in your position?
It is hard – especially growing up in Hollywood because you never know what people’s intentions are. A lot of people are users and just friends for the wrong reasons so I’ve had to deal with a lot of that.

And is the DJ job something you think you’ll keep doing?
I love it, I’m having so much fun playing all around the world. I was playing in Ibiza all summer, so I play a mixture of music – commercial, house, a bit of hardcore. I love Ibiza – it’s dope. It’s my favourite place in the world.

How does Dubai rank?
I love it here. I lived here and I missed it, so I’m happy to be back.

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