Charl Chaka – DJ profile

We get to know Infusion’s main man a little better


DJ name(s): Charl Chaka
Real name: Charl Chaka
Age: 34
Nationality: South African
How long in Dubai: Nine years

What brought you to Dubai?
I was offered a DJ residency at Lotus One, back in 2004.

Where and when can we hear you spin?
I’m DJing every 2nd Thu at 360 for Infusion Experience and our Strictly Vinyl nights. Otherwise you can catch me at House of Afrika, Dek on the 8, Media One Hotel every Friday.

Describe your DJ sound in five words?
House – Afro, Deep, Chicago and Tech.

Now describe your personality in five words?
Just trust, roll and flow….

What do you think of the Dubai music scene?
I think the music scene is really healthy with a lot of variety. People are really spoiled for choice on the weekends!

Tell us three of your biggest musical influences.
Armand van Helden. Derrick Carter. Mark Farina

What is your greatest achievement in life or music?
Well I’ve achieved a lot over the last few years. A mixed a double CD compilation for OM records alongside Andy Caldwell, played alongside top international DJs and many great residencies, throwing award winning Full Moon parties at Nasimi Beach, partner with Mach4 with GlobalFunk, #4 in the DJ poll in Middle East, launching Infusion TV and Infusion Entertainment with my crew among many other achievements, but I would say my greatest achievement to date is being able to work in a industry I have a passion for. Every morning I wake up and I’m in charge of my own destiny. You work 90 percent of your life so it’s always been important to me to enjoy my work. I decided a long time ago that I want to work for myself so being able to prosper in this industry makes waking up for ‘work’ everyday really easy. Its nice working with my Infusion crew everyday. I feel I’m blessed in many ways.

If the world was going to end in the next five minutes, what tune would you put on?
Queen – ‘It’s the Final Countdown’ [sic].

If your home was on fire, what one physical object (no people or pets) would you save?
My laptop of course – all my music is on there.

Best Dubai memory behind the decks?
Having played on the bigger stages like Sandance and Creamfields have been pretty cool, but I have to say as a DJ I play out a lot, but there are some nights when all the elements come together. The vibe is electric, smiling faces on the dancefloor, hands in the air moments, musically people are tuned in and in place of wanting the next radio hit, they open to new sounds! These are the moments that make DJing so addictive. That high you get from people enjoying your music and the dope mix you’ve just done with a accepella over it…..

...worst Dubai memory behind the decks?
Those nights when you get asked to play some Rihanna midway through your house set….

Where can we hear your music online?

If I could warm up for any DJ in the world, it would be...
To tell you the truth most of my bucket list is done: Armand van Helden. Fatboy Slim, Derrick Carter, Mark Farina... but I think the one I still would like to do is Carl Cox.

Anything else to tell Time Out’s readers?
Yah check out my latest mix:

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