Brooklyn – DJ profile

We get to know the huge urban DJ who makes the floor shake for No.1 Fridays


DJ name(s): Brooklyn
Real name: Mohamed Kareem Elsawy
Age: 27
Nationality: Egyptian
How long in Dubai: Eight years

Introduce yourself in the length of a Tweet
A sneaker head with a passion for fashion, art and diversity. A little witty. Love music, turntables, records, fitness, and Muay Thai.

What brought you to Dubai?
To study at AUD (American University in Dubai).

Where and when can we hear you spin?
As for now Diamond Wednesdays at XL Beach Club every Wednesday, Identity House night on Thursday and the award winning Urban night No.1 Fridays at N’Dulge. Also on Friday on Radio1 from 7pm-10pm, Friday Format.

Describe your DJ sound in five words?
Unpredictable, creative, educating, raw, and simple.

Now describe your personality in five words?
Open minded, outgoing, passionate, honest and witty

What do you think of the Dubai music scene?
Dubai music scene has grown on a major scale from when I started DJing to this day, however it is still not fully established.

Tell us three of your biggest musical influences.
Michael Jackson, Notorious B.I.G, and Jimi Hendrix.

Now tell us one guilty pleasure.
Hmmm there are a few actually, I would say hunting down limited sneakers at broke times, or rough times as they say. Yes I have spent last dimes and dirhams I’ve got on sneakers.

What is your greatest achievement in life or music?
Just the progression I was able to make and establishing a name for myself in Dubai over a short period of time, compared to others. Having my own open format Radio Show Friday Format on Radio One, Graduating from Uni and going to Thailand to do an intense Muay Thai training was pretty special!

If the world was going to end in the next five minutes, what tune would you put on?
‘Human Nature’ by Michael Jackson.

If your home was on fire, what one physical object (no people or pets) would you save?
My wallet and flee on my bike.

Best Dubai memory behind the decks?
When DJ Shero was not able to figure out why there was no sound coming out after switching. Turns out he didn’t realise he had the fader all the way to the channel that was currently playing. The song I left him with was almost running out so he had to loop the last part, till I came up again to see why he was looping until I just switched the fader midway. We still bring this up till this day!

...worst Dubai memory behind the decks?
Having to drive in a rush all the way to one of the clubs because the DJ decided to leave and put a mix CD on for two hours without informing anyone.

Where can we hear your music online?

If I could warm up for any DJ in the world, it would be...
DJ Jazzy Jeff or Dj Premier.

Anything else to tell Time Out’s readers?
Definitely don’t rely on mainstream music that comes from majority of the Radio stations or TV. Research, ask around, understand the culture of the genre you are listening to, and don’t just follow hype!

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