DJ profile: Frederick Stone

The Blue Marlin resident who gets the crowd rocking every Friday


DJ name(s): Frederick Stone
Real name: Darth Vador
Age: 31
Nationality: Swiss
How long in Dubai: Seven years

Introduce yourself in the length of a Tweet.

What brought you to Dubai?
An opportunity came up and after living in New York for a year and half I was in need of a change so I came here.

Where and when can we hear you spin?
In Dubai, I’m resident every Friday and Saturday at Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE and every Wednesday I have my own night called Bootik [at Vanity]. During the summer months in Europe, I’m resident at Destino, Pacha Ibiza’s new resort as well as guest DJ at Blue Marlin, Ibiza.

Describe your DJ sound in five words?
Deep. Driving. Melodic. Organic. Analogue.

Now describe your personality in five words?
Complex. Eccentric. Impatient. Passionate. Driven.

What do you think of the Dubai music scene?
It has really evolved since I first arrived, a lot of Dubai artist are able to reach out to the rest of the world. More nights are now being created giving the audience a wider choice and musical variety. Since the opening of Blue Marlin Ibiza, UAE more and more people are able to experience and discover the eclectic house scene.

Tell us three of your biggest musical influences.
My musical heritage originates from the Caribbean, which has made reggae my first musical influence followed swiftly by alternative rock and electronic music.

Now tell us one guilty pleasure.
Playstation 3 (soon to be 4) and pizza on a Saturday night after a long set at Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE

What is your greatest achievement in life or music?
Being able to share and play the music I love.

If the world was going to end in the next five minutes, what tune would you put on?
‘Scorchio’ by Sasha & Darren Emerson

If your home was on fire, what one physical object (no people or pets) would you save?
The computer that I use to make my music.

Best Dubai memory behind the decks?
The first time I played one of my own tracks and saw the crowd’s reaction.

...worst Dubai memory behind the decks?
My first booking in Dubai in 2006, my music got lost on the flight so had to play compilation CDs (that were brought the same day) – it was my worst set ever!

Where can we hear your music online?

If I could warm up for any DJ in the world, it would be...
Nicolas Jaar.

Anything else to tell Time Out’s readers?
Keep on dancing.

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