Boy George spins for Time Out

We chat to singer-turned-DJ ahead of Nightlife Awards gig

Boy George spins for Time Out

The British DJ and former pop star gives Peter Feely his opinions on current DJs and EDM ahead of his gig at Time Out Dubai’s Music & Nightlife Awards 2014.

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If you had to be trapped in the 1980s or now, which era would you choose?
The now. I try to live in the now and not look back to the past.

You’re playing at our awards party. What’s the best and worst accolade you’ve ever received?
Being voted into the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs has always meant a lot because it is one of the rare polls in the dance scene that is actually voted for by the guys on the dancefloor. As for the worst, I’m sure I’ve won a ‘worst dressed’ award in my time.

You’ve been DJing for many years. What’s your take on electronic dance music (EDM) and what do you think of the scene now compared to when you were starting out?
It’s of course different but ultimately people still just want to go out, dance and have a good time. I’ve been DJing for nearly 30 years now and seeing what’s happening in America (and around the world) is really interesting and exciting. I don’t play that kind of music myself.

What’s the most enjoyable set you’ve played in the past year?
Being back in Ibiza for another season was a lot of fun. Marc [Vedo] and I had a summer residency at Amnesia with La Troya, which was our second season on the island with them. A big highlight from my DJ calendar last year was my US tour, which included shows at clubs like Pacha NYC and Los Angeles’ LA Exchange.

You’ve had an eclectic musical career – is that a reflection of what you like to listen to yourself and what’s on your stereo at the moment?
Very much so! My iPod is filled with everything, from Joni Mitchell, David Bowie, Sly and The Family Stone, Lou Reed through to music from the likes of London Grammar, Hurts, The Knife and then dance stuff like Belocca, Carlo Lio, Loco Dice, and Hot Since 82.

Who (aside from you of course) is the best DJ right now?
Marc Vedo is somebody to keep an eye on. We actually have a new record together at the moment called ‘You Cannot Be Saved’ which is really cool.

What was it like watching the movie about your life Worried About The Boy and what did you think?
It made me laugh. I watched it on my own in case I was shocked by it but I actually enjoyed it.

We hear you’re very popular in Japan. Why do you think that is?
The Japanese have always had a very vibrant pop scene and we had a lot of success with our music over there.

What sort of set can we expect when you hit the decks here in Dubai for Time Out?
One full of good quality house music. I’ve some really cool new records to play as well as a few rare classics which I might throw in the set.

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Boy George DJs at the Time Out Dubai Music & Nightlife Awards 2014 after-party at Cavalli Club, on Wed February 26 (800 228 2554).

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