Pixies: Indie Cindy - album review

This is the Pixies worst-ever album. But wait...

Indie Cindy
This is the worst album that the Pixies have ever released. That said, it’s not nearly as bad as it could have been. Compiling pieces of new material that the Pixies have released over the last year, Indie Cindy is the reunited alt rock titans’ first LP in 23 years – a year longer, even, than it took My Bloody Valentine to follow up Loveless. But where last year’s m b v was up there with its creators’ best work, Indie Cindy only comes close to rivalling the gut-punch excitement of Pixies’ shrieking, shredding, euphoric run between 1986 and 1993. In fact, the whole thing sounds like frontman Black Francis’ (aka Frank Black’s) solo albums. That’s no surprise considering his long-term foil, bassist Kim Deal, left the band last year – apparently because she didn’t see the point in writing any new Pixies material. She might have been onto something.
James Manning

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