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Ray-Ban brand ambassador on viral pranks and hand-modelling

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The Virgin Radio presenter and Ray-Ban brand ambassador, 21, talks to Benita Adesuyan about viral pranks, hand-modelling and Dubai’s sense of humour.

There’s a Ray-Ban video that’s been doing the rounds on YouTube – it says you were a hand model, is that true?
Yes I am. It’s supposed to be a secret but it’s out in the world now.

How did you get into that line of work?
I was waving at a friend who worked at a hand model agency and he said ‘Hey, you’ve got good hands’. The UAE is full of models, or people on Instagram who say that they’re models, but me I focus on the hands. I’m on the radio so I don’t have a great face.

You’ve been making a series of prank hidden camera videos for Ray-Ban how has that been for you?
They’ve been so fun to make. One of my dares was to go to the petrol station with a little kid’s toy car and get it topped up with petrol at the station. The car belonged to a friend’s little brother and he wasn’t happy about not having it for the day – we had to bribe him with sweets.

Is Dubai up for a prank?
Yes, I think so. I always say the UAE is a great training ground and if you can do it here you can do it anywhere. You don’t have to be crude or edgy about the videos that you make but just a little bit cheeky, make sure the pay-off is nice and you’re not offending anyone. If the people in the video laugh and the people watching it laugh too then it’s all good. I think there could be more home-grown, Middle East vloggers because we have some great scenery and places to film here.

What’s been the weirdest challenge you’ve been asked to take up?
For radio, I recently went to a sunbed shop, and said ‘I’ve got a date, and I want to get some colour, but I have sensitive skin and I’ve never been on the sunbed before’. They said it’s fine don’t worry. So they put me in for six minutes. I went in, switched the machine on, and covered my arms and face in bright pink paint. I came out with my clothes on and they got really scared because they thought I was ridiculously sunburnt.

Do you enjoy doing these dares?
Oh, I love it a lot. I’m quite into content-based stuff on the radio. I just seem to get a better reaction from the visual stuff, maybe because when people listen to the radio they are usually doing other things, but visual stuff has your full attention.

How will you be spending the rest of Ramadan?
I’ll be here in Dubai, partly because I’m on call for The Kris Fade Show. They get to play hard and I have to work hard.

Who would you most like to send up?
Probably Kris Fade. He’s quite a prankster, so I’d like to get another prankster. But it’s quite difficult because they always think one step ahead of you.
Myles Til Midnight airs Sun-Thu 8pm-midnight on Virgin Radio 104.4FM.

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