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Blacklist is holding a rock and metal party at Submarine. Organiser Marie Lidén tells <em>Time Out</em> all about it

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Why is Blacklist doing this one show at Submarine?
Submarine was looking for something new and different this year and we caught their eye. We met with the management through a mutual contact to organise the night. It’s going to be our first weekend night – usually we hold them on Wednesdays – so there will be no excuses for not turning up. Everyone’s going to be able to make it down there!

Is Submarine suitable for the night?
Definitely! Submarine is a brilliant setting: dark, underground and moody, which makes it a great venue for us. It also has an awesome sound system, so it will be perfect for our rock and metal music!

How have the Wednesday nights developed at Touch since you started there?
The nights have been amazing and the people at Touch are such a great team to work with. Every week the regular crowd has been joined by new faces, and it’s thanks to the support that we’ve had from Touch.

What kind of atmosphere do the nights have?
It has a no-bull atmosphere. It’s a metal night in true cigarette-smoking, head-banging style, and it’s great fun to share with your friends. Every week we have a different theme or genre to keep people excited – we’ve had nights based on thrash metal, gothic metal, death metal, a Head-bangers’ Ball, etc. We think that we bring something new to Dubai.

What kind of crowds do your nights tend to draw in?
We know for a fact that the people who walk through our doors are there for the music and nothing else, so it is a genuine crowd. We’ve built up a solid following that wants to see Blacklist grow for all the right reasons.

Any plans to get live bands playing on the nights?
It has always been our plan to have live acts playing at Blacklist and we hope one day it will happen.

What’s been your favourite moment at Blacklist?
There isn’t actually one night that sticks out – they all have been so much fun! The music, the whole atmosphere and everyone just having such a good time makes it priceless every time.

And the funniest moment?
On the opening night, seeing the jaws on the Touch staff drop down in utter shock. They had never seen people head bang before. They actually stopped working to stare for a good five minutes. They were very, very, very confused!

What are your plans for the future of the Blacklist nights?
To continue to provide a solid rock and metal event on a weekly basis and to give Dubai a rock and metal scene to be proud of. We are are determined give Dubai the kind of professional rock and metal club that you can find in any other city in the world.

Blacklist is held at Submarine on Jan 30 and Touch on Feb 4

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