DJ Faul and Wad Ad in Dubai

French electronic duo on music, stage names and their Cielo gig


The French electronic duo behind the number one hit ‘Changes’ talk working together, funny stage names and coming to Dubai.

Camille, you chose Wad Ad as your DJ name and Maxime, you are known as Faul. Is there a reason behind that?
Camille: Faul means lazy in German and that’s the kind of guy that Maxime is. His brother found his name by translating the word lazy in various languages and he thought Faul sounded cool. Wad Ad comes from my mother’s first name and when I was younger my friends used to make fun of it. So I thought I’d use it.

You both have your own solo careers as DJs, but you have since paired with the success of ‘Changes’. How did you come together as a duo?
Camille: We went to school together and we both just loved electronic music, so it just sort of went from there.

How would you describe your sound?
Camille: Our music is all about good vibes and being happy. We just want people to forget their problems and dance and have a good time.

Growing up, who where your musical inspirations?
Camille: Of course we listened to electronic music and jazz styles as well as pop music but we love rock ’n’ roll.

What have you been up to since the release of ‘Changes’?
Maxime: We have been touring around Europe and performing at huge festivals. At the end of the summer we were able to produce more music and get into the studio.

Will you continue to work together as a duo then?
Camille: I think we will because it seems to work for us. Together we are more meticulous, when one of us is working on a track, the other is watching so we help bring out the best in each other. We each have our own skill set and are efficient together. We don’t know where this work will lead us but we just hope to continue touring across the world and to create new friendships with other artists.

You are performing at Cielo Sky Lounge on New Year’s Eve in Dubai. Have you ever been to the city before?
Camille: My cousin lives in Dubai and he told me that there are so many nationalities and that it is just a very chilled environment. We have never actually been at home in France for New Year’s Eve because we have been travelling the past three years.

Are you currently signed to a label?
Camille: We have had offers but we just want to do our music and do what we like. We don’t want anybody to say what we have to do. We might eventually go to a major label but for now it’s the connection for our love for music that brought us together.
Dhs550 general admission (including unlimited beverages). Table packages available from Dhs5,000-35,000. 10pm-4am. Cielo Sky Lounge, Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club (04 416 1800).

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