Sean Paul interview

Jamaican singer talks music, Dubai and Valentine's Day advice


You come to Dubai quite often. What keeps bringing you back?
It’s crazy compared to where I’m from. What I love about Dubai is the diverse community that it has become and it’s an oasis. I mean, it’s a desert, and not many things survive, but this is a big city – so that fascinates me. There are also beautiful people from lots of different cultures here.

Can you tell us about any upcoming projects or new music?
I just released a rhythm track that I was working on last year, ‘Full Speed Riddim’. It features dancehall acts Mr Vegas and Conscience. I’ve also been producing and I’m working on a new album, which I’ll focus on in LA after the Grammys.

Do you have a favourite track that makes you want to hit the dancefloor?
Almost every day I hear a new track and I’m like, ‘This is banging.’ I remember back in the day when hip-hop was first becoming big, people like LL Cool J were the new guys, and I liked people like that.

What song gets the biggest reaction when you perform?
It’s different songs in different places but one of the newer ones is ‘Bailando’, with Enrique Iglesias.

You’ve worked with everyone from Beyoncé to Rihanna. Do you have a favourite collaboration?
They are all awesome. I have learnt something from everyone I have worked with and I’m glad to be in this profession and to have this career. There have been small artists that I have [collaborated] with, such as Sasha [‘I’m Still in Love With You’] and after a while, she wasn’t that big and now she’s doing church music. But it doesn’t matter if you are famous or not, if you sound good, then I’d want to work with you.

You got married in 2012 -– what are your secrets on wooing a lady?
I think you should just be yourself. That’s the best way to be because if you try to woo someone and you are putting on a presentation to them, they get wooed by that person, not the person you really are, and in the long run it won’t work out. I think a good sense of humour is always a good way to help people trust
you more.

How do you usually spend Valentine’s Day?
There’s been some Valentine’s Days that I do all the flowers, going out, dinner and chocolates and then there are others when it’s really busy and we don’t do that.

Have you ever serenaded your wife, perhaps with your track ‘I’m Still in Love With You’?
[Laughs] I do it all the time. She doesn’t love it, though.
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