Ed Sheeran in Dubai interview

Brit singer on Twitter battles, lyrics and performing in the Middle East

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Why did you want to play a gig in Dubai?
I like travelling all around the world and I have a lot of friends there. I just want to do a show for my fan base there.

What do you expect from Dubai?
Hopefully a great crowd.

What’s it like working with Pharrell Williams?
It’s great, he’s very talented and inspiring.

Tell us about your BBC Music award.
It’s heavy.

So how old were you when you started writing and playing music?

Where does your passion for music come from?
I think my dad.

We see you’re winning the Twitter banter war with Example. Are you ready for round two?
He’s not, he text me to ask me to stop.

You rap, sing, play instruments. What can’t you do?
Fly a plane.

So what is your musical genre? Do you think it can be categorised?
Nope, music has two genres – good and bad. I hope I’m on the good side.

Who’s better looking, you or the puppet resembling you in ‘Sing’?
Ask Kermit [Kermit the Frog] – he and my puppet had a few experiences.

Did you ever think, say ten years ago, that you’d be one of the hottest musical talents around?

What’s your favourite line or verse of lyrics you’ve ever written?
‘Put your faith in my stomach’.

What do you enjoy more, a clean, crisp studio or performing to thousands of people at festivals?
Festivals I’d say, there’s more atmosphere.

What’s the best gig you’ve ever played at and why?
It was at the Nashville Ryman, it was just electric.

How do you start writing a piece of music?
Music usually, before lyrics.

Which single do you think most helped to propel your career?
‘The A Team’, because it was the first.

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Brit singer on Twitter battles, lyrics and performing in the Middle East


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