Ella Eyre in Dubai

20-year-old Londoner is coming to the Redfest stage. Get to know her first


Despite venturing into songwriting just three years ago, 20-year-old London songstress Ella Eyre has already had a number one hit by lending her vocal’s to Rudimental’s smash hit ‘Waiting All Night’. We asked her…

Her most embarrassing musical moment
‘Going to watch S Club 7 just before they split up. I actually played a gig a few months ago and S Club 3 supported me.’

Why she wrote ‘Comeback’
‘I always get revenge on my ex. It can be quite brutal, but there are some things that just need to be said in a certain way. I talk myself up, that’s how I get over somebody and it works for me so it might just work for other people.’

Having her ex John Newman pen
‘Blame’ with Calvin Harris about her ‘It’s pretty great for me, not in an egotistic way. John is a great friend of mine and it’s really lovely to see him do well. It’s quite flattering, really.’

Her thoughts on Eminem dissing Iggy Azalea
‘I don’t really think much about anybody that criticises anybody publicly. I think Iggy Azalea gets a lot of flack and she handles it really well. I admire that.’

Why her logo is a lion
‘I guess I’ve always loved The Lion King and people always say I look like a lion because of my hair. Ultimately when you think about a lion, you think about the attributes of a lion – loyalty, pride and boldness. I kind of like to think of those qualities.’

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