The Script interview

The Irish pop band tells us why they think Kanye West is an ‘idiot,’ their best performances and things they regret

The Script aka Danny O’ Donoghue, Mark Sheehan and Glen Power have just dropped their third official single, 'Man on a Wire' from their fourth studio album No Sound Without Silence. Having performed in Dubai last month at RedfestDXB, we sat down with the Irish group to really pick their brains.

If you could pick someone’s brain, who would it be?
Danny: David Bowie. He’s just had a very interesting career; for me he’s one of the most versatile artists who still exists today. To be able to question him on some of the crazy shows and crazy music he’s made over the years, I’d like to know how he navigated himself through that.

If you could repeat one childhood incident that you got in trouble for – but it was worth it – what would it be?
Glen: I remember when I was a kid, and my brother had got these boxing gloves. I had them on and I went outside in the estate where we were and there was a builder sitting in his car with a really hot mug of tea in his hand. He asked me what time it was, and I had a digital watch on my wrist, so I put my hand in the window so he could look at the clock. And for some reason I saw the tea, I saw the boxing gloves and I just thought, ‘that makes sense’. And I hit him. The tea went everywhere. It was just so funny and so bizarre. And then a few weeks later my dad was helping with the building, and this builder guys walks into our house; I was just sitting there in front of him. But the guy didn’t say anything. That was funny.

What can make you cry?
Mark: An onion.
Danny: A tour with these boys (laughs).

If you could have composed any piece of music or written any song, what would it have been?
Danny: ‘Yesterday’by the Beatles.

Is there a band right now that you’d like to join?
Danny: Nah, we’re the best band in the world (laughs).
Mark interrupts: Foo Fighters.

If your life were a song, what would the title be?
Glen: ‘I’ve got the Power’.
Danny: ‘I Kissed a Girl and I Liked it.’

Which three musicians or groups would you like to see on the same bill?
Danny: Us, The Police, and U2.

The single most valuable thing you’ve learnt to date?
Glen: Tolerance. It’s a virtue. Held by many, used by some.

What lie would you take back if you could?
Danny: We used to be able to get these half walking stick things filled with sweets and I popped off the bottom of it and I put a steely in it (a marble). I was swinging it around and around, and the bottom of it just flew off, straight through my mam and dads window upstairs and it smashed the whole thing. My mum comes running up and I just lied, “two guys walked down the street and they just throw a stone at the window” my mum looked at it and said, “why’s all the window on the outside then you egit!”

If you could be any person in history, who would you be?
Danny: Jesus Christ, so I could turn all the water into wine. It’d be a great party trick.

The dumbest purchase you’ve ever made?
Danny: Everything! Everything I buy I don’t really need.
Glen: Clothes that I buy without trying them on; that’s kind of dumb.
Mark: I just keep the receipt and send my missus back in to change them.

Do you have a greatest performance or a greatest moment in your career?
Glen: We’ve been really spoiled, I think, with great moments. The first one was when we got to support Paul McCartney. That was a massive thing for us. And fast-forward then through being on stage with U2, to Adele, to performing recently to the Queen. All in all I think we’ve been really spoilt. Oddly enough, I was going through some old photographs today, and you just can’t help yourself stumbling across some of those moments. They’re huge.

What are your thoughts on people like Kanye West whodiss other artists - more recently Beck at The Grammy Awards and before that Taylor Swift?
Danny: He needs to mind his own business. I had to hold my own temper on that. It’s not the Kanye show. He reminded me of Jarvis Cocker jumping on stage with Michael Jackson.
Glen: He’s infuriating. With Taylor Swift, she was a 15-year-old girl and he tried to destroy her career but really he only destroyed his own. You think he’d have learnt his lesson but he put his hand back in the fire again. What an idiot!
Mark: What a stupid move to make? You clown, go back to making records and stop using PR stunts to be a popular artist.

Was there any particular musician who you’ve met that’s either surprised you?
Danny: A lot of them do surprise you. You kind of have pre-conceived notions about bands before you meet them, but they’re always cool. They’re always really nice.
Mark: The ones that are around for a long time are usually very nice people; and that’s why they’re around for a long time. It’s not just about the music, it’s about them as people. Like McCartney. He was one of the nicest people we met. He really put us at ease, because we were really nervous. After a few minutes you realise that he’s just a normal guy, even though he’s doing extraordinary things and has a fantastic history.

You guys have said before that you aren’t a rock band, you’re a pop band – what else would you like to be known for?
Danny: Being a great band, having great songs, and a great live show. Being good people.

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