Fatboy Slim

As he prepares to hit Dubai, Norman Cook reveals all..

So, Fatboy Slim, or Mr Cook, before you play at Barasti next week, tell us about your favourite things…

Best new tune

That’s a hard one – my mind goes blank
There’s a remix of The Mystery Jets that I absolutely love, but I can’t remember what it’s called… it’s mental though. To be honest I actually have a production meeting tomorrow for the new set – I haven’t played it since Brighton beach in September, so I need to get some new tunes together.

Best TV show

The Wire
I’m absolutely addicted to it. It reminds me of Hill Street Blues and The Sopranos. It’s got everything: soap opera, gangsters, drugs… We’re halfway through series four now and me and the wife are having anxiety attacks because we’ve only got one and a half more to go.

Best book

The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists – it really impacted my politics
It’s about socialism and the beginning of the fledgling trade-union movement, but set before they were invented. It’s very un-Dubai, but me not playing there wouldn’t change the world, and playing there lets me channel the money I make into charity. What else do you do? Ignore the place and hope it goes away?

Best film

The Big Lebowski
It just makes me laugh. I identify with The Dude at times, but every single character just tickles me. I love everything the Coens do, but that one particularly. I like to watch it after Apocalypse Now – me and Zoë know it line for line.

Best quote

‘Never go swimming with bow-legged women’
It might be a quote from a mate of mine’s dad. It might not have any literary or film reference whatsoever. [After being told it was used in a ’30s Popeye cartoon] Oh really? That’s fantastic!

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