DJ Patrick Chouchani in Dubai

40 Kong resident DJ on music, great nights out and the art of Djing


What do you enjoy most about being a DJ?
I like making people happy and lifting their spirits if they come to the bar stressed. I’m going to start producing and releasing my own tracks after the summer, which is exciting.

Do you have go-to tracks for revving up the crowd?
I do a lot of remixes, it’s all my own production. I create my own using artists that aren’t as well known. I use Beatport for buying music. I only buy tracks, I don’t download because I support the DJs’ production. Nowadays, people don’t appreciate a DJ’s work – they are artists and they are in studios for long days, creating a sound. You need to pay for their efforts in composing and collaborating. I create tracks that I like, but others might not be a fan of the sound so I also take their feedback on board. The crowd will judge what you play, but you can’t satisfy everyone all the time.

What music do you own that would surprise people?
I have my father’s record collection which is really old school – The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson. He was a DJ and he’s my biggest inspiration. These tracks are classics, but I’d never touch them or do
a remix.

What qualities or skills make a good DJ?
I admire DJs that never say that they are number one in the industry because everyone wants to be number one. Always accept feedback even if the people don’t understand the music, and take requests. DJs should be unique with their own style and they shouldn’t copy the market and just play big commercial hits – that’s just like a radio station.

Where do you recommend people go in Dubai for a music-fuelled night?
I really like what The Basement in TECOM are doing now – I fully support them. I also like Raxon playing at Audio Tonic at 360°. They understand deep house and techno. It’s not just about R&B, you know?
I respect that the Snoop Dog and the Drake songs will always come, but people get bored of it.

With summer approaching, will you stay in Dubai to DJ?
I’m a deep house DJ and in Dubai everything is closed, so I’ll go to Europe because the weather is nice. I’m thinking about going to Mykonos in Greece – it’s booming after Ibiza. I play tech house so it’s the best place to be for beach clubs and parties.
Trix is resident DJ at 40 Kong. Open daily 6pm-3am. The H Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road (04 355 8896).

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