The Futureheads

As The Futureheads prepare for their accoustic set in Dubai, <em>Time Out</em> chats to lead singer Barry Hyde

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You got married at the end of last year. How’s life with a missus?
[Laughs] My wife’s in a band and she’s away most of the time, so married life is very much the same as engaged life!

You’re not rock and roll any more, then?
The average person who works in an office is probably more rock and roll at the weekends than a band after a gig. The most important thing for us is enjoying performing music.

You’re often labelled a ‘post-punk revival band’ by critics. True?
We started off influenced by a lot of bands from that ’80s period. But that was nearly 10 years ago. Now, we write songs about society and the world today. That makes us modern. And our name is The Futureheads, after all!

You’ve supported Pixies, Foo Fighters and Snow Patrol – who were the maddest?
Snow Patrol. You’d be surprised. They’re from Northern Ireland!

Have you ever had any slanging matches with other bands, Noel Gallagher style?
What’s the point? It’s difficult enough to be in a band, let alone run around fighting with other ones. All musicians are basically wimps. And the ones who pretend not to be are probably the biggest wimps of all.

Does This Is Not The World, the album you released last year with a particularly high-speed pace, express any anger at your old record label, 679 Recordings, for dropping you in 2006?
Not directly but… the main inspiration behind making this album was to carry on and become stronger [This Is… was released on their own label, Nul Records]. But I wasn’t going to write an album slagging off the music industry, because that’s what most musicians do these days anyway.

What sort of show are you going to put on for us?
Two of the lads, Ross [vocals and guitar] and Jaff [bass], will be DJing, after the full band’s performed an acoustic set. We won’t be playing any of our new stuff, but we’ll be performing material from This Is… When we’re acoustic we can have a laugh with the crowd, too.

What will the boys play in their DJ set?
I hope you like Elton John [laughs]. Remember when we were younger and there was this rave thing [sings ‘Rhythm is a Dancer’] ? Ross plays a lot of stuff like that. People love it – hearing things they haven’t heard since they were 12 in a school disco. Ross and Jaff DJ a lot – they have some skills; they can mix.

But can they scratch with their elbows?
[Laughs] Unfortunately not, no.

The Futureheads’ predict the future

When will the credit crunch end?
About 2011. It’ll go on for a while longer.

What will Dubai be like in 10 years?
Wow – who knows? They could have built a massive glass force field so it has a Mediterranean climate. They’ll also have worked out how to resurrect dinosaurs.

What will The Futureheads be doing in 10 year’s time?
I’ll be 37. Hopefully, I’ll be a jazz musician by then. That’s the way it works – you start off playing punk music, then you get better and finally end up playing widdly music in jazz bars and living a bohemian lifestyle.

Alpha, February 6, 8pm. Tickets Dhs100

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