Martin Solveig in Dubai

The French DJ and Madonna collaborator is coming to Pacha Ibiza Dubai


You released your single ‘Intoxicated’ earlier this year. What’s next?
Yeah, it’s been a nice little tornado. I was expecting the single to be a kind of nod to my new chapter of music. It’s exceeded my expectations and I was really seeing it as a club soundtrack. But it got picked up by radio and now it’s on its way to being one of the biggest songs of the summer. I have a new song called ‘+1’, which will be released on Monday June 8, and I’m working on the video for it now, which I’m directing. It’s fun because I love doing it.

You are passionate about directing. Is there a famous movie scene that you’d like to re-enact in one of your videos?
Yeah, I’d say from all the thrillers of French cinema from the ’50s, such as Le Samouraï. But my number one (and more recent choice) would be something from the Coen brothers, who made The Big Lebowski. I’m a big cinema fan. Back to The Future would be a great inspiration for a music video, too. I’ve always identified with Michael J. Fox’s character [Marty McFly] because of his denim jacket and the coat.

You often cast yourself as the underdog or as a nerdy type in your videos. Why is that?
I just can’t help it, because that’s the way I see myself. It’s awkward, but it’s very honest.

But these days it’s actually pretty cool to be nerdy…
Yeah, that’s true, there is a bit of coolness to being a nerd. I don’t take myself too seriously, but then of course, other people don’t take me very seriously either. But I say this with a big smile on my face and with no regrets, because the most important thing is to have your own personality and to be able to express yourself.

How does your new music differ from earlier material such as your hit 2010 track ‘Hello’?
I’m kind of moving back to house music, which is my first love. I’ve changed a few things in terms of how I technically produce tracks. I’m using some new instruments, more chords and the piano. I’ve taken some time to step back from what I was doing and try to reinvent myself a little bit. I think it
was needed.

You’re performing at Pacha Ibiza Dubai. Do you change your set according to venues?
The larger part of my set will be my music and that never changes. That is the definition of who I am music-wise. I enjoy playing different styles of music. I don’t necessarily play the same kinds of side tracks when I’m in the US or Europe, so I guess I’ll mix it up for Pacha in Dubai, too.

What’s left to achieve?
That’s not really something you can quantify. My ultimate goal doesn’t have anything to do with numbers. It’s more about having the chance to keep doing what I love, which is making music for as long
as possible.
Dhs150. 10pm-3am. Fri June 12. Pacha Ibiza Dubai, Souk Madinat Jumeirah, Umm Suqeim (04 567 0000).

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