Paolo Mojo at Alpha

Alpha’s Gorgeous nights are getting their Mojo back – Paolo Mojo that is. But what’s he been up to?

DJ feature
What was the last…

…amazing gig you played?
It was just this weekend in the wonderful Porto de Galinhas in Brazil. The sunset party was cancelled because sea turtles had come onto the beach to lay their eggs. They’re a protected species. So the party had to be moved to another place down the coast. It went ahead and was great… the whole vibe of the place and the gig and the situation made it memorable.

…DJing disaster?
Less enlightened folks would suggest every time I get on the decks. Since last August I’ve had a few gremlins during the switch-overs, but things have been pretty stable recently.

…time you got in big, big trouble?
Oh I get in trouble all the time. I’m a very naughty boy!

…time you played Dubai?
In August 2008 for the wonderful Gorgeous Dubai people of course! I had a blast.

…piece of music you released?
Well, the new single ‘Deus Ex Machina/Que Loucura De Som’ will be released next week. It’s a little darker on one side and a little housier on the other. It’s had some great support from Felix da Housecat, Joel Mull, Joey Beltram, Radio Slave and Stephan Bodzin. So I’m happy enough with that.

…time you took a big risk?
I went for a dip in the sea in Recife, Brazil. I was later told that it’s a popular area for great white sharks. Don’t know how true that is…

…celebrity you met?
Bruce Willis was in the DJ booth once. And I met Billy Connolly in a restaurant in London, which was a great moment because I’m a big fan. There are probably a few others, but to be honest I never really notice. I’m usually in my own little bubble.

…time you did something out of
Every single day, I hope! Seriously – love makes the world go round.

Paolo Mojo plays Alpha, Feb 19

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