DJ Gem

Producer and resident DJ for Boudoir, Cypriot DJ Gem talks about life in Dubai, celebrity mates and getting nervous

When was the last time you...

…met someone famous?
Actually, one of my best friends is a famous heavyweight boxer. His name is David Haye, or ‘The Haymaker’. He always invites me out to watch his fights – just last month I went to watch him in London.

...thought, I love my job?
I realise that every night, when I’m playing songs that I’ve brought to Dubai for the first time or tracks that I’ve produced myself. I DJ five times a week and when I see people in the crowd jumping and dancing to new songs it makes me feel good.

...did something strange?
I wouldn’t call it strange in general, but it was certainly strange for me: I started teaching DJing at a music school about two months ago. This was definitely something new to me – after being a DJ for at least 10 years, it was weird to go back to school and help kids learn how to DJ.

...played in your home country?
I played in Cyprus last September. It was wicked because the organisers of the event promoted my concert really well, putting posters and stuff up back at home. So my friends knew that I was coming back even before I told them! I was welcomed back like a celebrity by everyone and the club I played was fuller then it had ever been before!

...were embarrassed?
The last time I was embarrassed? Well once I was playing a set in Cyprus in front of 3,500 people and the music suddenly cut off. The technicians said someone had knocked a plug out. But nobody knew what was happening and I couldn’t explain because the microphone wasn’t on. That was kind of embarrassing.

...wished you were back at home?
I wished I was back at home last summer, because I wanted to be back with my friends in Cyprus. They kept ringing me up and telling me to come back for these beach parties and I was stuck here, in the heat. The summer is the best time in Cyprus, especially August, and I really missed my friends. They were having such a good time without me!

...were extremely nervous?
The last time I was really nervous was when I was playing a set at a club with my friends. This guy was obviously having some problems and for some reason he decided to blame me. He came up and started to shout at me. It was really disrupting me and it made me really nervous because I wanted to keep the mood up. I called for the security to give him a warning and he stopped, probably because the guard was a big guy!

DJ Gem plays Boudoir daily. To hear Gem’s tracks, see

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