Scotty B

Scotty B is the twiceasnice resident for Alpha's newest R & B night, we find out more...

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What was the last…

..time you played for TwiceasNice
We do them all over the world, but the last one was actually Dubai! It had the whole TwiceasNice vibe but it was mixed with that Dubai atmosphere – people out there always come out to have fun instead of coming out just to be in a club. The TwiceasNice vibe is all about being sexy and stylish, and having a party. And I guess with the credit crunch people want to come out, let go and be happy. TwiceasNice has been going for about 15 years now, and it’s always been innovating – anything you can do in a club, TwiceasNice has tried it.

…time you did something out of character?
I went to the gym the other day. Finally! It’s one of those New Year’s things. The thing is that being a DJ, my body clock is always all over the place. I’m up all night and often I’m travelling, so if I start doing the gym on top of that I’ll probably pass out. So I’m trying to keep a few days to myself now to keep it going. When I did this before, I worked it a bit too hard and when it came time to DJ I couldn’t move my arms, which was pretty funny. I couldn’t even carry my record bags. I had to get my brother and my mate to carry them for me.

…time you laughed out loud?

That was when I was in the US seeing my great-grandparents and my cousins. They’re all hilarious people. My great grandma’s 95 and my great-grandad’s 90, but they’re always telling stories and arguing with each other. My great grandad still goes for walks around the block and makes food for everyone. I’d love to live like that at that age, but I don’t know about being a 90-year-old DJ…

…time you were star struck?
I don’t actually get star struck, but the last time I was in awe of someone was when I interviewed Grandmaster Flash last month on my MTV Base show. To speak to the guy who really invented DJing was amazing. Some people have said he’s a bit weird in person and a difficult interviewee, but I found him to be really cool. I don’t know if it’s because I’m a DJ, but once he started talking he just wouldn’t shut up!

…time you broke a bone?
When I was in school – it was one of those stupid moments you have as a child. My family would do that thing where you pretend to drive off and leave one of the kids behind. It was cool and funny the first couple of times, but by the end – well, I used to watch a lot of action films, so I jumped at the spoiler of the car as it set off. It jerked me and I rolled onto the floor. I didn’t think much of it until my arm started hurting. I got an X-ray and they found that the bone was only just hanging on! I never grabbed a car again. If they want to drive off they can go.

Scottie B plays Alpha, March 3

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