5 things we learned about Jason Derulo

Jason Derulo took to the stage at Dubai Music Week on Wednesday for a gig at Dubai World Trade Centre. We caught up with him at soundcheck...

Some lesser known facts about the 26-year-old R’n’B singer… his last name is pronounced the same but is actually spelled ‘Desrouleaux’, he was engaged to fellow American music artist Jordin Sparks and a YouTube video of him singing his name continuously exists – it’s 57 minutes long.

But what else should you know about the man who brought us ‘Wiggle’, ‘In My Head’ and ‘Ridin’ Solo’? We caught up with him at Dubai Music Week to get to know him better.

The number four has never meant so much to anyone…
The album, Everything is 4. Four is a number of completion I feel like I’ve completed a portion of my life and I’m starting a new beginning. Four legs on a chair four legs on a table, it’s a foundation. Four seasons, four states of matter. Everything’s changes and I accept changes will come. All those things are so relevant in my life.

He takes his fitness pretty seriously…

I was with a trainer today and I like to work out with different people. I like tricking my body into doing different things. He said something that stuck with me because it could not be more wrong, ‘you can eat whatever you want to as long as you work out’. The trainers out here are telling people the most false information. Diet is about 75 per cent of everything, if you’re not eating right then your time at the gym is kind of a waste. You’ll never ever be able to out-workout your diet. I don’t do so many carbs, if I do it’s in the morning. Right now I’m prepping for a video with JLo so I’m trying to have any at all.
I want to make sure that my body is fitter than it’s ever been.

He’s got a rather entertaining Snapchat profile, but he’d rather be in bed…

You saw me on Snapchat?! I feel embarrassed I didn’t even know people follow me on Snapchat. I like to eat I like to try new restaurants, order a bunch of things. My manager always says that I order ten things on a menu.  I’m not the biggest tourist for several reasons, I have to choose between going out to sites or sleep. Most of the time I’ll chose sleep. More often than not I want to be prepared for my shows. The more rest I get the more ‘on’ I am.

We might have learned plenty about him so far but he didn’t learn that much from his collaboration Keith Urban and Stevie Wonder…

More than anything it was a check off my bucket list. Stevie Wonder is a legend. It’s something I’ll cherish for the rest of my life. Not necessarily me learning anything but me taking something away, I can always say that I shared a song that I wrote with the legendary Stevie Wonder. Keith Urban is amazing as well. I’m not taking anything away from him. It’s a different record, unlike any other song I’ve done.

He hangs out with the president of the United States, but it’s not big deal. Continuing about his collaboration he added…

The sky is the limit. That situation fell into my lap. We were at the White House and started talking. I’ve been there quite a few times and that time we were having dinner. Obama was at the table, Stevie was at the table, basketball players and people from different powerful areas. That was pretty fly. It was something that happened organically.

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