5 questions for Craig David

A chat with British singer Craig David ahead of his Halloween gig at XL in Dubai


1 How do you feel about coming back to the UAE to perform?
I just love performing. TS5, which we’re bringing to Amber Lounge, Abu Dhabi [Saturday November 28], actually started off in my home as a pre-party. I love DJing and singing and now I can take something that is so organic and bring that same vibe to another corner of the world.

2 When you DJ, what track gets hands in the air?
When I drop 7 Days it kicks off! People expect me to play a lot of my own stuff, which is cool, but I don’t go nuts on it.

3 Is it weird when you play your own songs?
No. You have to embrace it, you should be proud of it, and allow people to enjoy it.

4 Are you working on any new music?
I’ve got albums-worth of stuff, but I’ve always felt that as a songwriter you can never have enough songs. I’ve been writing even more over the past year and working with artists who have re-energised me.

5 You’re in Abu Dhabi during the F1, are you into motorsports?
I’ve never actually been to a race, but I intend to catch some in Abu Dhabi when I come. It would be wrong not to.

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A chat with British singer Craig David ahead of his Halloween gig at XL in Dubai

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