Disclosure interview for their new album

Time Out Dubai has a Disclosue interview about their new album, Caracal. Find out what Guy and Howard Lawrence have to say about fame, friends and music

Disclosure first made a name for themselves in 2013 when they brought dance music back into the charts with tracks like White Noise and Latch – featuring their close buddy Sam Smith. Still only in their early twenties, brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence have already toured the world, hosted their own festival and just launched their second album, Caracal, a record that proves they are much more than just an electronic dance act. From downtempo garage tunes to upbeat R&B and house tracks, Disclosure have created an exciting record that all began with a bit of tinkling about on a piano.

What’s your songwriting set-up?
“A single piano. That’s how it all starts. We’re pretty old-fashioned and traditional in that sense. Although we make dance music with lots of electronic equipment, most of the songs do stem from just sitting around a piano and writing.”

Your mate Sam Smith penned the James Bond Spectre soundtrack. Would he make a good Bond?
“Maybe. I think Sam does a lot of stuff that isn’t very James Bond-friendly.”
Guy: “Yeah. He was looking for a car to buy and his initial suggestion to me was a Toyota Jazz.”
Howard: “And he’s always relentlessly drilling Whitney Houston songs. Even if you don’t like them. I don’t think Whitney’s very James Bond.”
Guy: “No. I think James Bond gets up in the morning, chucks a girl out of his room, goes and kills a man, then has a mocha latte. Sam gets up and dances around his room to The Sound of Music. So not James Bond at all.”

You’ve played loads of festivals in your time. Do you have any funny festival memories?
“We’ve got into a habit of trashing our dressing rooms quite badly at the moment. We have so much fruit and it’s so chuckable that there are many fruit fights. If you throw a strawberry at a white wall it looks like someone’s been killed.”
Howard: “Once we were in Ibiza playing with Rudimental and our dressing rooms were right next to each other, so we’d go in and try to assassinate them with fruit.”
Guy: “I remember throwing a lime at [DJ] Locksmith’s head. Like, serious impact.”

Have either of you ever crowd surfed?
“I’m just scared. I’ve heard some horror stories about crowd surfing: people getting their watches or phones nicked.”

How is Caracal different to your first album?
“I think we’ve developed as songwriters, although we’ve tried to keep things sonically similar, because the sounds we use are kind of our identity as Disclosure. The development I’d say is in the speeds and styles of the songs: it’s much slower generally. There is still some house music on there, but there are probably more R&B-type tracks than house ones.”
Guy: “We don’t want to be associated with being a house act. We want to be an electronic act which does loads of different things.”
Howard: “I think that’s why it’s going to be really hard for people to ‘genre-ise’ us, if that’s a word.”

What’s the most random place you’ve ever played?
“Reno. I followed this dude to go get some food and his T-shirt said, “My Other Wife Is My Gun”. That’s what Reno’s like. He was bald, with a ponytail. That dude sums up Reno.”

What’s the worst thing a critic has ever said about you?
“That we’re identical twins from Grimsby. That’s just incorrect.”

Have you ever been Twitter trolled?
“Oh yeah, sure, you get the occasional mental patient who’s escaped, but that’s normal though, isn’t it? It just happens. We’re not really in that world, to be honest.”

Describe your average fan.
“You know what, a lot of them look like us.”
Guy: “We’re just pretty normal-looking guys, I think is what he means. We don’t look like pop stars, because we’re not. We get recognised a bit more in America than here. In America, every single person wants to be your best friend immediately, but in London everyone walks around being a little bit more too-cool-for-school, which I kind of prefer.”

Finally, do you read on the toilet and if so, what?
“I don’t read on the toilet.”
Howard: “I do read on the toilet. Just like, on my phone.”
Guy: “Uhhh. Do you disinfect your phone afterwards?”
Howard: “Let’s not get into the specifics, but trust me, it’s not unhygienic.”

Caracal by Disclosure is available now on iTunes. www.disclosureofficial.com.

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