Jim Kerr interview for Simple Minds in Dubai

Time Out Dubai has a Jim Kerr interview ahead of Simple Minds live in Dubai. Hear from the lead singer as he prepares for the concert in Dubai

Burns Night in Dubai

Back in 1982, when music videos were new, bad haircuts were the norm and Britain’s Channel 4 had just gone live, Scottish rock band Simple Minds were at their peak. Founding members Jim Kerr and Charlie Burchill had laid to rest their short-lived punk band Johnny & The Self Abusers, and, one autumn day, a 23-year-old Kerr was asked by a London journalist where he saw himself at age 40.

“What did I say?” a now 56-year-old Kerr jumps in when we mention the comment (we’re talking on the phone and he’s back in London ahead of his Middle Eastern tour). “You weren’t sure about the ‘so-called duties’ of being a public figure,” we inform him. He ponders this for a moment. “I don’t think of myself as a public figure,” he says, ever down-to-earth. “I do when I’m on tour, but it doesn’t weigh heavy on my shoulders, really. It might have when I was younger, because, you know, you were new to it or whatever, but I didn’t walk through Hyde Park thinking ‘I’m a public figure’.

I walked into a shop and bought wholewheat rolls,” he laughs.

Back then, Simple Minds were big. They had three critically acclaimed albums and their hit song Don’t You (Forget About Me) gained cult status courtesy of the classic film The Breakfast Club. In the ’90s, however, their popularity declined as the likes of U2 stepped up to the main stage.

Now, with a new line-up, new albums and new lease of life, Simple Minds are witnessing a revival, bringing them to Dubai Duty Free Tennis Stadium in Garhoud on Thursday January 28.

In comparison to 1982, Kerr says, everything is much more under control. “And also, I would say, we’re much better – the technology, the band, the sound quality, the lights… Those were great days, but it’s better now.”

“Is that what you’d tell your 23-year-old self if you could go back now?” we ask.

“[I’d say] don’t worry,” he says after a pensive pause. “Good stuff will happen, bad stuff will happen, but you’re one of the luckiest people on the planet. You get to live making music. What a deal.”
Dhs225. Thursday January 28, doors open 7pm, show starts at 9pm. Dubai Duty Free Tennis Stadium, Garhoud, www.platinumlist.net.

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On the band’s mistakes

“The past is littered with embarrassment. I mean, most of those videos. A lot of people who were around in the ’80s look at those and think ‘what was that?’ and we’re certainly no different there.”

On playing in Dubai
“Who doesn’t look forward to coming to Dubai? We’ve known about this for some time and we just finished a tour so the Dubai trip is a nice addition. We’ll combine it with a bit of a holiday. But when we go on stage we’ll give 100 percent.”

On his best memories from the ’80s
“I just remember things like having a laugh in the back of the van or some person we met that made us laugh. A lot of the innocent stuff was really enjoyable.”

On his solo career
“I enjoyed the whole project, but it was always meant to be something to do when Simple Minds was not active. [Now we’re] as active as we ever were and it looks like we’ll be non-stop busy for another few years yet.”

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Time Out Dubai has a Jim Kerr interview ahead of Simple Minds live in Dubai. Hear from the lead singer as he prepares for the concert in Dubai

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