Jason Byrne interview - quickfire questions

Time Out Dubai has a Jason Byrne interview - quickfire questions ahead of the stand up comedian's show at McGettigans

1 You’re back in the UAE for another performance. Can we expect a different show this time?
Yeah, it will be totally different to last year. I have random props that I’ll use. They won’t make any sense to you now, but it will be very funny.

2 How would you describe your humour?
It’s definitely out of the box. I don’t really do comedy like every other comic. It’s quite original stuff, I suppose.

3 You’ve been a stand-up comedian for 20 years now. What’s the key to success?
Changing things up. It’s an exhausting job, you constantly have to be creative and think of new ideas.

4 You’ve tried skiing in the UAE. Would you try the XLine zip line?
What? A zip line from a skyscraper? I’ll have to try that. That would be absolutely brilliant!

5 How does a comedian spend his day?
Today, I was with my editor as I’m writing a new book. I’m now rushing back home to let the electrician in to fix a broken socket, then I’ll collect the kids and go pick up a couch from Ikea. Honestly, my life’s a whirlwind at the moment. It’s just mad.

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