Elliot Eastwick in Dubai

Ahead of his Revolve gig, UK house bod Elliot Eastwick talks about nasty celebs and nice clubs

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Tell us about the last…

…DJing disaster you experienced?
Ha – there have been a few! The worst was in Greece. We started off by missing two boats, then the promoter started crying and had a nervous breakdown in the middle of the night while driving through Athens. Then we ran out of petrol, so the promoter had to walk to a farm to get fuel, which would be fine except that it was dark when he was putting it in the car, so he decided to create some light by sparking up a cigarette lighter! We bailed out and had to finish the tour in taxis. Then he didn’t show up at the airport, so we didn’t get paid and had to buy our own tickets home.

… weird event you experienced?
There was this one time a poltergeist ruined my set by making the mixes not go together…

…time you tried to write a track?

I find working on writing music very difficult. Once I’ve got the basic idea down, I totally lose interest! My sound now is way more stripped back than it was previously.

…celebrity you met?
I meet celebrities fairly often: people from bands, etc. I suppose the most famous recent one is either Kate Moss or Steve Coogan. One of those people is nice – the other not so. But I’m not saying which is which.

…amazing gig you played?
Any time I play at Smart Bar in Chicago, which is the birthplace of house music and my favourite city in the world. I have some amazing friends there, and the club is just the right size and layout. The sound is spectacular too. I go there a couple of times a year.

…time you feared for your life?
I got held up at gunpoint in Chile when a club was subject to armed robbery. I made the huge mistake of laughing as the event was happening. Bad move.

…time you cried?
Oh man – I’m the worst for this. I cry at all sorts. I think the last time I cried was because I miss my children.

…time you laughed out loud?
Every day. I try and create situations that will make me laugh as often as I can. Sometimes it’s not at the best of times, though – as I found out in the Chile robbery.

…incredible film you saw, and why?
I saw The Wrestler last night – Mickey Rourke is sensational in it. I didn’t like Slumdog Millionaire though. I thought the story was dull.

…time you met an old schoolfriend?
Funny you should mention that – I got an email today about a school reunion through Facebook. I don’t keep in touch with anyone from school, even though I attended one not far from where I live. So I guess I should go and see what happens.

Elliot Eastwick plays 360°, March 14

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