Tiësto v Tim

Trance king Tiësto and Tim Cheddar are going head-to-head...

Tiësto v Tim
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Look into your crystal ball – who do you see as the future of DJing?
The DJ scene is getting bigger and more competitive. There’s a lot of talent and original DJs out there with lots of originality and creativity.

What’s the latest on your work with Aids charity Dance4life?
I went to South Africa to visit their projects, and I played at the World Aids Day in 2008 for them. Currently, I’m organising a charity event with [Victoria’s Secret model] Doutzen Kroes, to be held on Queen’s Night [the official birthday of Holland’s Queen Beatrix] in Amsterdam.

What was your proudest moment?
I have many, many proud moments. I’ve played at the Olympic Games for instance, and was knighted by the queen of Holland. One of the biggest was when I played on the beach in Rio de Janeiro in front of 200,000 people.

Who parties harder: Moby, David Bowie, Busta Rhymes or you? And can you prove it?
Busta Rhymes! When I toured with him, the production manager was walking around the stage ever day, asking everybody: ‘Where is Busta?’

What are your favourite tracks right now, and why?
‘Definition’ by Virtual Vault, ‘Into Something’ by Richard Durand and ‘I’m Not Alone’ by Calvin Harris.

What can we expect from your set?
Lots of new music, new hits and a fresh, longer set!

What makes a world-class DJ?
Maintaining innovation, reading the crowd and giving it all you’ve got.

What advice would you give to aspiring DJs?
Grab any opportunity you can to spin somewhere or to produce a record.

Why do you keep coming back to play in Dubai?
I love the luxurious life there. On top of that, the weather is amazing, and I get pampered all the time with great massages and super-good food…

Mike MacEacheran. Tiësto plays Festival City, March 13

Give us the low-down on your night.
Because there’s a ‘green’ theme I’ll be recycling plenty of environmentally friendly floorfillers – the kind of songs that other DJs carelessly throw away. They’ll include ’90s club classics, ’80s pop and ’70s disco. Some tunes never go stale – they just need a little rest and then they’re as good as new.

Got anything else up your sleeve?
After a couple of skate-less months due to a severe attack of stage fright, I’ll be rolling back out of the DJ box at midnight to host a mass singalong. I didn’t realise people really cared about my skating skills, but it’s the biggest request I receive and the thing that people remember the most. As for anything else, I’m sure there’ll be a few shenanigans on the night.

You’ll be going up against Tiësto on the night – does that worry you?
Actually, I’ve played on the same night as him before, and it was one of the best Cheese nights ever. Musically, we’re poles apart, so I think the crowd will vote with their feet on the dancefloor and their hands in the air at both nights.

You’re a gentleman of reddish tint; do you have Irish blood?
Are you calling me ginger? I prefer strawberry blonde. My real surname is Derry so I could be Irish Cheddar, I suppose. And I like The Pogues. But I don’t go around saying, ‘Top of the morning’ to people, so I can’t be Irish, can I? Eejit!

What is the greatest cheesy Irish band of all time?

The Sultans Of Ping FC. Remember them? ‘Dancing at the disco, bumper to bumper/Wait a minute, where’s me jumper?’ Better still, the band’s name came from the Dire Straits song ‘Sultans Of Swing’.

What’s in your pockets right now?
Some loose change, a mini Rubik’s Cube keyring and a hand (mine).

Tell us something you’ve never told anyone else.
This isn’t a real beard.

Who put the ram in the Rama Lama Ding Dong?
I’m not sure. Is it the same guy who put the chum in Chumbawamba?

What does success smell like?
A hot fondue with Danish Blue.

Tim Cheddar plays Chi on March 13

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