Lil Jon interview - quickfire questions

Time Out has a Lil Jon interview - quickfire questions, taken when he performed live in Dubai. Find out why he always wears sunglasses and more

1 How is Dubai’s party scene different to that of Ibiza, Miami or Berlin?
I’ve been here four times. It’s real good energy; people party and people are really into hip-hop.

2 Where’s your favourite spot in Dubai?
One of my boys works at Catch Dubai – so last time we were here, they gave us a six-course meal and it was amazing. Best food I’ve had.

3 Do you ever take song requests when you’re DJing?
Only if a high roller came to the club and asked me to play a song, then cool, yeah. If someone said, “Can you please play a song by Guns N’ Roses?”, I’ll be like, “No, boo boo.”

4 Do you listen to your own music?
Once my music is out, I don’t like to hear it anymore. When I’m at a club and the DJ keeps playing all my songs, I’m like bro, just play your set, do your thing. You don’t need to brush my ego.

5 When can we see you without your sunglasses?
When I don’t want to be recognised. I only take them off when I don’t want anyone to know me.

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