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Crazy P's Danielle Moore talks method and madness...

Interview, DJ feature
Interview, DJ feature

Crazy P are a downtempo house group, came together from Nottingham, Manchester and London, with a quickly growing following. They’ve supported Faithless, sampled Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory and grown from two to five members during their 14-year existence. But what most people will have heard about Crazy P is that the ‘P’ part of their name was originally a full word – describing a part of the male anatomy.

‘Chris [Todd] and Jim [Baron] had a seven-inch single called ‘Loco Pingo’, which translates into Crazy P****,’ vocalist Danielle Moore says of the band’s founders. ‘One of the guys at the record label thought it would be more humorous to use the translation instead of Loco Pingo.’ Humorous it may have been, but it caused all sorts of problems whenever the Crazies tried to travel abroad, eventually leading to the current, shortened name. ‘I think we’ve grown out of it as well,’ Moore says. ‘It just doesn’t feel comfortable any more.’

But let’s look at the other word in their name – how crazy can a chill-out act really be? And do they consider their music ‘chill out’ anyway? ‘We probably cross a couple of genres of music,’ says Moore. ‘Love On The Line [the current album] has a disco sound, but also barbecue vibes. It’s the sort of music you can have on in the background without winding you up too much.’ Are the band members themselves particularly mental?

‘“Crazy” is quite a strange label to put on ourselves, isn’t it?’ she says. ‘But I’m sure the people looking in at our antics would say that we are crazy.’

One time they certainly weren’t chilled was the they last passed through Dubai.

‘Unusually for a stopover, we had to re-check our bags and customs took lots of leads and wires off us,’ Danielle recalls. ‘It was just about to turn sour when we realised it was probably best to just give away all our plug sockets and guitar leads. But it cost us about £150 [Dhs777].’ So they’re not nervous to be coming back? ‘Not at all. There’s only two of us, myself and Chris, coming to DJ, but we’re excited. We’ve even read up on it.’

Lastly, can we expect party tricks? ‘Oh gosh! Oh dear! Of course, but you’ll have to come along to see them!’

Crazy P play the Chill Out Festival, March 13

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