Dubai hip-hop group The Recipe

Time Out interviews Dubai hip-hop group The Recipe and profiles some of the best Arab rappers in the Middle East

Dubai is a truly multicultural society and nowhere is that reflected more than through The Recipe. It’s one of the hip-hop collective’s many USPs. “We represent a growing number of people who aren’t from here, but who call Dubai home.

It’s what links us all together, says 33-year-old Swiss-Indonesian Lucky Schild, aka Swerte.

“You could say Dubai is the third culture community capital of the world.”

Joined by 33-year-old Eddie Kasparian, aka Kaz Money, who was born and raised in the UAE, to a father of Armenian-Syrian heritage and a mother of Italian-Eritrean heritage, and 31-year-old Aaron Leung, aka Perfect Storm, from the UK and Hong Kong.

The Recipe have developed into one of the UAE’s most widely recognised hip-hop and rap groups over the past eight years.

“Hip-hop is more popular now than it used to be, but the music has also changed dramatically,” says Kasparian. “We utilise our own backgrounds as inspiration and tackle many different issues that are relevant to everyone.”

The group have played as support act for superstars including Snoop Dogg, Fat Boy Slim, Akon and 50 Cent, and are known as much for their fresh sound and hard-hitting messages as they are for their charity work.

“We make music that expresses how we feel about any subject that means something to us,” says Schild.

“We’ve also been using the attention we get for our music to raise awareness for issues and organisations that need a voice, like Helping Hand Indonesia, a charity project that raises funds for surgery and to provide artificial limbs for less fortunate people.”

The Recipe will be releasing an EP and album later this year. Stay tuned…

Three Arab hip-hop artists to listen to:

Heralded as the queen of Arabic hip-hop, Lebanese artist Lynn Fattouh aka Malikah hit the regional music scene some 13 years ago. She recently released a track in collaboration with Egyptian musician Ramy Essam.

Sons of Yusuf
Kuwaiti brothers Yakoob and Humble Abdul have been taking the Arab world by storm with their tracks. They were also spotted in Washington DC in March, where they performed live at an event about contemporary Arab art.

Omar Offendum
The Syrian-American artist and one-time architect has produced several critically acclaimed tracks about the Middle East. Check out his album SyrianamericanA, which is available for download on iTunes .

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