Fat Joe interview in Dubai

Time Out has a Fat Joe interview in Dubai ahead of the Terror Squad star's live performance at Toy Room Dubai WHITE Dubai and MAD in Abu Dhabi

Best known for hit singles including What’s Luv and Lean Back, Fat Joe is back in the UAE once again for three nights of gigs. Ahead of sets at Toy Room Dubai (October 31) WHITE Dubai (November 1) and MAD in Abu Dhabi (November 3), we caught up with the Terror Squad star to talk new albums and why he considers Dubai his “second home”.

Where are you, and what are you up to right now?
New York City. Not working on music, just running around taking care of business. Bunch of different business meetings I got. You know, leading up to the album, leading up to the new single. After that I'm just getting business done.

So your new album's out soon?
Yes, I believe December 9. It's called Plata o Plomo – me and Remy Ma, a collaboration album. We're keeping a lot of the artists on it a surprise. But the next single I'm dealing with is me, Remy Ma and Ty Dolla Sign, and it's called Money Showers. Ty Dolla Sign is a big deal.

Have you played in Dubai before?
Of course. I've played there maybe ten times. I was there maybe three months ago, and I shot the video for my last single, Cookin'. I was there, like, two or three months ago.

Apart from playing WHITE in Dubai and MAD in Abu Dhabi, what are you looking forward to doing while you're in the UAE?
Well, you know, Dubai is like my second home. I like walking around the malls and visiting the Burj Al Arab – all the normal tourist attractions. I try to do the rounds of all of them. I just love it. The people are beautiful. You have access to everything there. All the years that I've been going there, I've watched it grow and grow and grow and grow. I can’t wait for the amusement parks. It’s just a real special place to me.

Have you played WHITE Dubai before?
Nah, but we about to. I've played at WHITE in Lebanon before. The energy is incredible, the people are beautiful, they love hip-hop and they appreciate hip-hop. I’ll give it all I got.

What can people expect from your gigs here?
Just a beautiful time, a beautiful experience. I’ll be playing some new tracks. Like I said, I always feel like I'm home in Dubai. First thing I do is get myself some kebabs, and some babaganoush. I get right to it, man. Feel right at home.

Fat Joe plays Toy Room Dubai on Monday October 31, White Dubai on Tuesday November 1, and MAD on Abu Dhabi’s Yas Island on Thursday November 3.

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