Blue Man Group wows Dubai crowd!

Global stage stars are a smash hit on wonderfully wacky Dubai debut

If alien invaders ever do land on earth, we really hope they'll be like Blue Man Group. None of this thirst for interplanetary destruction for us, just leave the death rays at home and bring some drum kits, a generous supply of streamers and glow-in-the-dark beach balls and plenty of paint.

Of course the theatrical phenomenon that is Blue Man Group has its roots in New York rather than a galaxy far away, but the azure ensemble really do bring entertainment to another dimension. Making their Dubai debut as part of the UAE leg of their world tour after a stellar 25-year career mesmerising and mystifying audiences in equal measure, the bizarre band of brothers bring unbridled joy to the stage.

With their blank, blue expressions and perplexed movements conveying a child-like curiosity about the universe surrounding them, they definitely possess an other-worldly quality. The group say their unique brand of performance art can only be experienced and never explained and after going through a magnificent, mind-bending, white-knuckle ride through their vivid imaginations, it's hard to disagree. The closest thing we can suggest is a cross between a Daft Punk concert and a slapstick pantomime.

The warp-speed pace of the show will make you laugh, with its mix of silly, sophisticated and sometimes downright gross-out humour and make you gasp thanks to the fantastic strobe light effects and hi-tech images displayed on giant i-Phone style screens, referred to as Gipads.

The Blue Men begin their assault on the senses by catching pigments of paints in their mouths before spraying them onto a blank canvas to create a work of art. The packed opera house crowd is immediately entranced. The trio successfully brings the sublime to the surreal - drumming to a frantic beat on PVC tubes and drums filled with fluorescent paint, forcing an unsuspecting audience member into white overalls and a crash helmet before seemingly (with the help of some sleight-of-hand backstage footage) hanging him up upside down like a piñata and even bringing an impromptu performance of Uptown Girl by Billy Joel to an abrupt halt with a swift blast of a fire extinguisher.

They also bring marvellous mirth to every day mundanity, through skits on the frustrations of making a strong security password for your phone and battling through pop-up adverts while you try to play a simple game of solitaire. And the best thing of all, it's done without a single word being uttered by the stage stars. Through a simple nod of a head and movement of a hand, the performers have the audience in their palms of their blue-tinged hands. This kind of playful, eccentric fun appeals to all ages. The giggles of young children stand out among the roars of laughter of their parents. This is family fun that is out of this world; a stunning show that has to be seen to be believed. Blue Man marvellous.
From Dhs195. Until Apr 15. Times vary. Dubai Opera, Downtown Dubai (04 440 8888).

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