Gayathri CD release

Björk-influenced folkster Gayathri steps into the limelight with her debut EP, Disengage. Hear her first at thejamjar

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It’s been CD launches a-go-go over the past few months, and now it’s the turn of Björk-influenced folkster Gayathri to step into the limelight with her debut EP, Disengage. She’ll be launching the EP at thejamjar on March 26 with a live performance of the EP’s tracks – something that has us all excited, as she’s one of our favourite musicians to emerge from Dubai of late. If you missed her performance at Slob Fest last week – and shame on you if you did – this is an excellent chance to catch up.

It’s not all Gayathri, either – the night will also celebrate that marvel of ’80s music-sharing technology, the mixtape. Of course, actually handing out someone else’s music is naughty, so instead local music fans, including rapper Swerte, producer Joshua Williams and some guy called James Wilkinson, will provide paper booklets – mixpapes, if you will – of their own perfect music compilations.

The Night Of The Mixtape is at thejamjar, March 26; Gayathri also plays Festival Centre on April 1

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