Borrison Ivy interview

Richard Barber, Borrison Ivy’s guitairst, is determined to get them signed...


You sadly lost your job as a teacher and now you’re heading out to the US. Is this the end of Borrison Ivy?
God no, we’re not finished at all – we knew that one of us would have to go abroad sooner or later if we wanted to go international. So we’re trying to turn lemons into lemonade: I’m going to go there with a CD to get us signed.

So what happens then?
I’ve been looking at the stats on the website and there’s been a lot of American interest – we’ve had traffic from West Hollywood and elsewhere in California. The next step is to approach labels in the US and try to get a record deal.

What about the rest of the band?
They’ll keep doing their day jobs and wait by the phone for me to call and say, ‘Pack your bags – I’ve got us signed to Sony.’ Nikhil, our singer, already has another band, Point Of View, and also runs Hookline And Sinker Productions. Quay is busy working at a construction company, but he has side projects with his Filipino music. We support each other with these projects, but they’re all committed to the idea that one day I’ll phone them up and say, ‘We’re going on tour.’ There’ll be no umming and ahing about that.

Are you going to miss Dubai?
I’ve been trying to think of one thing I’ll miss about the UAE and I think Sharjah Wanderer’s Club is it. In a nutshell, I hate this place. I hate the noise, the glare and the assault on your senses. There’s nothing salubrious about this place at all – anyone who walks around saying it’s a wonderful place is kidding themselves just for the expat pay cheque they’re getting.

Are you going to miss the expat culture, though? There might not be many Aussies over there.
Honestly, I never felt Australian. I feel that we’re all of the same planet, and countries and nationalities are outdated concepts anyway.

You’re just finishing up your first album, Start, right?
Yeah – we’ve finished all the drum tracks, all the bass tracks and 60 per cent of the guitar tracks and we’re now finishing off the last four songs. And then Nikhil’s in the booth to do the vocals, after which Milton [Kyvernitis, of Private Government] is mixing it. We’re aiming for an end-of-April release – it’ll be available to buy off our website and on iTunes.

What can we expect from Start?
You can expect to be able to put it in a CD player, put it on shuffle and get a song that’s just as good as any of the others. We’re not full of arrogance or hubris – we honestly think that each track is as good as the last. It’s a good, fun, catchy rock ’n’ roll album.

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