Mikkel Wendelboe

Soulful house DJ Mikkel Wendelboe talks about gang violence and music...

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Tell us about the last…

…amazing gig you played.
I think the last time was playing with Morten Trust, the other half of the Soulmagic duo. We had a venue in Copenhagen that perfectly fit our style – soulful house – and then the new general manager came along and decided that he wanted to try something else. So we had one last party and everybody who’d ever supported us came along – even the people who had stopped clubbing because they’d gotten too old, or had kids. That was a really, really good night – you could feel the magic. And after three months we got the venue back anyway!

…time you feared for your life.
That happens quite a lot because the neighbourhood I live in Copenhagen has a gang war going on. When driving down specific roads at night time I have a fear of becoming a victim. It’s about drugs, basically – the police closed down the one place where people bought drugs, so now the drugs are everywhere and the bikers are fighting over territory. It’s pretty rough.

…time you were filled with bliss.
That was my birthday on January 6, enjoying the sun in Goa. Usually on my birthday it’s minus 10C in Copenhagen, but there and I was sitting in 30C and enjoying a holiday with my wife.

…the last weird thing you saw.
It was a guy in a club fall from a balcony on to the dancefloor on his head. Then he just got right up like nothing had happened. The doorman said, ‘That’s going to hurt in the morning,’ which I thought was pretty dodgy…

…time you splashed big cash.
I spend all my money on travelling and fun. Some of my friends say that I could have been wealthy but I spent it too fast on fun stuff. But, you know, when I’m lying in my grave I’d rather say that I had a fun life travelling the world and meeting great people rather than being rich. My grandfather spent his whole life trying to get more and more money, and only when my grandmother died and he was 70 did he start travelling. That’s way too late. I want to experience my life to the full while I can.

…track you worked on.
I’m going a track with vocals from Martha Wash, the vocalist for Black Box and The Weather Girls and so on. Victor Simonelli recorded the vocals in 1992 when she was working on all these big commercial successes, and he’s had this tape lying around since then. We found out about it at the Miami Winter Music Conference last year and now we’re just waiting for clearance. The style is old-school and everything is played live; we just got the best bassists and guitarists that we know and tried to make some magic in the studio.

Mikkel Wendelboe plays Plan B, March 26

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