From Britain to Dubai, via Ibiza, Kidology is a massive clubbing phenomena. We speak to Mark Wilkinson all about it

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Just to allay the worries of our most suspicious readers: we’re not related, are we?
Well maybe somewhere back in time we were – you never know. But to the best of our knowledge: no, our fathers weren’t up to no good.

Phew! So give us the lowdown.
Kidology’s become an event all over the UK. We also do Ibiza in the summers. It’s about making a fun mood, quite uplifting, with lots of girl-friendly electro house that you’re going to recognise. There’ll be lots of melodies, lots to keep the dancefloor busy, and it should look good too. The look of the night has developed over the last couple of years to reflect the music, so expect lots of girls wearing very bright colours.

You’ve got your own team of party girls too, right?
Yep, the Kidettes should be out there on the night, adding to the flavour and building a bit of atmosphere. We also have a lot of inflatables – it’s always fun to see someone who’s a bit too cool for school getting prodded with an inflatable banana. They can’t help but laugh, and that’s what it’s about – having fun and not taking yourself too seriously.

So it’s about being silly?
It’s about glamorous silliness.

What’s the silliest you’ve ever been?
Oh, that’s a good one. I’ve lived a life of silliness, so it’s hard to think of just one. Or one you can print. I’ve certainly taken the wrong record deck off when I’m playing and left everyone in total silence. Then people cheer incessantly at my pain.

Easy way to get a reaction, though.
A DJ I know used to start his set by letting the previous record run out, then standing in silence for a couple of minutes while people cheered for the music. But people can tell the difference between someone who’s doing that intentionally and someone who’s just cocked it up.

Now then, this picture – do you often forget your trousers?
That picture’s called ‘Pants In The Park’. We tried to shoot it when the kids were in school but the photographer was late, so by the end of the shoot we had 40 school kids staring at me.

On another note, there’s this furniture store in Dubai called Unmistakably Mark Wilkinson…
Ha! I want to get a carrier bag there.

It’s not your place, then? You don’t deal with decks and decking?
Nope. I get this a lot though. When I was younger I always got asked if I was [bespectacled British advertising character] The Milky Bar Kid. Now it’s this furniture guy. And of course there’s the ‘Wilkinson’ supermarket chain in the UK – its slogan is ‘Wilkinson… every time!’

I wonder if we could get a discount.
Perhaps you and I can go back through the family tree and lay some claim… or perhaps not.

Kidology is at The Apartment, March 26

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