Tania von Pear

Tania von Pear is the latest DJ to hit Alpha. We find out more about the fruity-named gal

OK, so we have to know – what’s with the burlesque look?
When I DJ, I usually try to be as outrageous as possible. After all, when people come to a club, they want a bit of escapism. They want to forget about all their troubles and have a really good time, and that’s my job.

So you’re not a fan of those people who just want to hear new or obscure music?
Why does one have to preclude the other? When I DJ, I tend to be singing along with my tunes and having as much fun as the people on the dance-floor. But at the same time I’ll be playing songs that are quite upfront and new. And after all, it is only a disco. Someone said that to me many years ago: ‘However cool you think you are or however cool the club is that you’re in, it’s only a disco and you’re only standing in the corner of a dark room playing some records.’ And I subscribe to that completely.

So what do you play when you’re up there dancing?

I play solid house music. I like to play stuff that’s got a really good rhythm and things that have a few vocals, but my main aim is to really make people dance and have a great time, so they don’t care what they’re wearing or what’s happening.

Though obviously you care about what you wear…
Oh, I always turn up really dressy but by the end I’m all sweaty and my makeup’s running!

So what’s your favourite tune at the moment?
I know what that is without a doubt – it’s the hundredth release from Toolroom Records: ‘Music Matters’ by Faithless. It’s a brand new mix by Mark Knight and it always goes down well. I played it twice at my last gig.

But you work for Toolroom! Are you just advertising one of your songs?
No, no, no – it’s an incredibly popular tune. It was at number one on Beatport, though I think it’s been knocked off now, and everyone’s been talking about it.

What do you do for Toolroom?
I look after their events and marketing by day, and then I DJ at night. I’m definitely a workaholic. It’s great, the way my two jobs feed into each other. I’ll probably get too old for it one day, but I’m nowhere near there yet.

How old is too old?
I don’t know – my brother was asking me if I had a 10-year plan the other day. That’s a scary thought. I guess I’ll just do what I’m doing for as long as I can. One big thing for girl DJs is that you can’t have children and do this job. DJing is something I want to get the most from right now, then one day hang up my headphones and get a white picket fence or something, I don’t know. At the end of the day, I can always remain in music and do what I love but maybe I’ll shift slightly. But who knows? I just go with the flow.

Unlike your brother.
He’s just qualified as a barrister so he’s got a trade, it’s a bit different. My other brother’s a pilot. I’m like the black sheep of the family.

Tania von Pear plays Alpha on April 2

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