Greg Stainer

Greg Stainer looks back on his caeer so far and recalls his rise from labourer to superstar DJ

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What made you want to be a DJ?
My older brother was a DJ, though he played weddings rather than clubs. He had all the DJing equipment in the house, so when he wasn’t using it I would mess about and make tapes for friends. I discovered that it was a pretty good way of making a living.

Do you play any instruments?
I’m a beginner on piano and acoustic guitar. I want to learn more instruments to help me when I’m producing, because it’s always easier to play it yourself than to try to explain what’s in your head.

Tell us about 6mil 2headphones.
It’s my first actual album, although a couple of my tracks have been on albums before. The title refers to my former life, working in construction in London. Back then I used to work with a stone material called 6mil. The album name tries to capture my transition from laying 6mil to making a living out of DJing.

Where do you get your inspiration from for your original tunes?
My inspiration comes from being a DJ and being in nightclubs three to four days a week. It feels great to see people dance and feel their energy. I have often woken up feeling inspired by a song a DJ has played the previous night and it makes me want to get the same response from the crowd when my tracks are played.

Which do you enjoy more: remixing tracks or creating originals?
Creating an original is always much more fun. With a remix, you have to finish what you started and you always have a deadline to meet. Meanwhile, you can take your time with originals, which is what I prefer.

How do you approach remixing?
Some artists remix using the instruments and arrangements from the original, but I only ask for the vocals. Everything you hear in the song is being played by me except the original vocals.

What’s it like to DJ in Dubai?
In general the resident DJs in Dubai are doing quite well, largely thanks to the amount of nightclubs out here. And because there are so many massive international acts coming out here, it means that almost every DJ gets to work alongside a superstar.

6mil 2headphones is available in stores and is launched at Zinc on April 11.

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