Prime Cuts in Dubai

Prime Cuts, DJ and one third of DMC champs Scratch Perverts, talks about going solo in Dubai

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What can we expect from your set when you play Dubai?
Plenty of new music ranging from dubstep and drum ’n’ bass through to the more housey stuff we’ve been playing in the Perverts sets for a while now. And there’ll be a few classics and a bit of scratching, too.

How does your solo set differ from your work with The Scratch Perverts?
I’d say I play a fair bit more dubstep in a solo gig, but there’s not a massive difference. The record bag definitely weighs more though.

How does it feel to go solo?
Gig-wise it’s great – you get put under a bit more pressure but that’s cool because I’ve been DJing in clubs since I was 16, which was a flippin’ long time ago! The only downside, really, is having to travel alone as we have a proper laugh on the road together. It’s good to step into the spotlight though.

How did you get into hip hop and turntablism?
As a kid the whole hip hop thing was just part of growing up. I was initially drawn into breakdancing, but then fell in love with the music and got into scratching through that. It started as a hobby and grew into an obsession, but I never dreamed that one day I’d make a living out of it.

How much practice did it take to get to DMC level?
I did my first ever DMC when I was 17. That was about a year after my nan bought me my first set of Technics. I didn’t win.

Tell us about the formation of The Scratch Perverts.
We all used to go to a record store in Soho, London, called Mr Bongo’s. Tony [Vegas] worked there and had the idea of creating a super crew from the UK. I wasn’t really down with the idea to begin with, but we became good friends after the group was formed, so I got involved. At the end of 1997 I quit my job as a video editor to give the whole DJing thing a real go. By the end of 1998 we were in the World ITF team finals and I had won the UK DMC final.

Who do you think is genuinely the best DJ out of the three of you?
We are all pretty good – any one of us could nip it on any given night. But I like to think I’d nip it the most.

What are you working on at the moment?
I’ve just done a dubstep remix for Foreign Beggars, one of whom is actually from Dubai. The tune’s called ‘Gash’. The crew are about to do an album entitled Beatdown featuring a whole host of our favourite tracks and a load of our own material. We’ll be doing several gigs around the country to promote it, working on the road like mad and spending time in the studio in between.

Sum up your life in six words.
Lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky git.

What would you have on your tombstone?
West Ham United 8 – Tottenham Hotspur 0.

Prime Cuts plays Alpha, April 17.

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