Erick Morillo

You know for a fact that he likes to move it, move it, but what else in Erick Morillo’s life is fact… and what is anti-fact?

Interview, DJ feature

a) Erick believes that ‘I Like To Move It’ is a masterpiece. A tingly masterpiece.
‘They say in the music industry, “You need that one record and if you have that one record you have it made.” [‘I Like To Move It’] is that record. I am a very lucky person to have created such a masterpiece. So every time I think about it, it makes me tingle.’
Answer: fact

b) Despite having been in the biz for decades, Erick still gets nervous.
‘The biggest crowd I ever played to was actually in England,’ he says. ‘It was at the Leeds Love Parade. There were 75,000 people in front of that stage and that was pretty amazing. At first it’s very nerve wracking – you’re nervous, with butterflies in your stomach – but once you get out and connect with the crowd it’s absolutely phenomenal.’
Answer: fact

c) Erick was secretly crowned king of the world
In a clandestine international meeting in April 2007. Unfortunately, it was so secret that even he doesn’t know.
Answer: anti-fact

d) Erick’s description of opening with a big record scares us a bit.
‘[I] get them right away. Once you have them then you can play with them. It’s kind of like sex.’
Answer: fact

e) In 2007 Erick stormed off stage
At the now-dormant Trilogy club after playing just 30 minutes of his set. Rumours abound that this was because the management refused to allow his lady friend to enter the DJ booth. You know, what with her lack of a DJ licence making that illegal and everything.
Answer: fact

f) Erick Morillo is so rich
That if you pull out one of his nose hairs, he actually weeps caviar.
Answer: anti-fact

g) Erick believes it’s his ability to make a party that has kept him in the limelight
And not his perceived ‘coolness’. ‘Back when I started in ’92 it was about being cool and about playing the latest records,’ he explains. ‘But for me it was about rocking the crowd and being consistently good at every club that I would play. This played a very key role in why I am still at the top after 17 years of DJing. A lot of DJs have faded into the background, but I’m playing main stages in big festivals and not just doing the dance tents.’
Answer: fact

h) After seeing the 1982 film The Last Unicorn
Erick demanded to eat an actual unicorn’s head every morning for breakfast. When it was explained to him that unicorns don’t exist, Erick threw a huge tantrum, mashing the table furiously with his pudgy fists and sending spittle into orbit. His handlers now give him a horse’s head with an ice-cream cone on the top every morning. He doesn’t know the difference.
Answer: anti-fact

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