Camilo Franco

The Spanish DJing star is heading over to Sanctuary this week. Here’s what he’s been up to before hitting Dubai

Tell us about the last…

…time you were terrified.
Wherever I fly! I’m always frightened when I take a flight and the plane goes through turbulence. The last time was when I went to the Miami Winter Music Conference. But it’s a big part of my job, so I always try to be quiet and relaxed and keep it under control. And, if I can, I’ll try to go to sleep to avoid it. It’s strange because I can sleep on a flight like a baby if there is no turbulence. Otherwise I try to control myself mentally, thinking: It’s OK, I can do it, I can do it.

…time everything changed for you.
Changing everything is too big! Can I just do a big change? The last big change was maybe a month ago when I started a special exclusive contract with Space in Ibiza. Space is one of the best clubs in the world – the people who work there are like a family and there is a really good crowd and atmosphere. I love working with Space, so I’m very, very happy that this has happened.

…track you made.
It was a remix of Chris Isaak’s classic song ‘Wicked Game’ and it’s been getting really good feedback from people like Erick Morillo and Paolo Mojo. It’s not a remix of the original, it’s a remix of a remake by Lorenzo al Dino and Deep Josh. I always loved this song and I’ve always wanted to remix it. The moment I heard the cover I realised that I had a perfect vision for it, so it was easy to remix.

…time in Dubai.
Maybe two years ago – I used to play in Trilogy. I love the crowds in the Emirates, and the way that everyone – the Arabic people, the Asian and the European people – all of them can feel the house music. It’s really special for me because you don’t get that feeling everywhere. I was really surprised when I first played there, because everyone was shouting and celebrating, and going crazy. It was a really good experience for me.

…great party you played.
That was at the Miami Winter Music Conference. Everybody was crazy, and there was a pool party with lots of really beautiful girls. And some beautiful boys too, I guess. Literally everyone was really pretty and really cool which is a rare combination.

…amazing movie you saw.
Slumdog Millionaire. For me it was the best movie of the last year, it was so deep and realistic. It was a great movie, but I didn’t cry like so many people did – I do cry at many films, but not this one. But I loved the variety: it was a love story and a hard life story and a lucky story – for me there were many reflections of real life in the film.

Carmilo Franco plays Sanctuary, April 30.

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