Pierre Ravan

Dubai DJ and house producer Pierre Ravan enthuses about his new album and spiritual evolution

As anyone who’s met Pierre Ravan will tell you, he’s a pretty intense guy. We mean that in the nicest possible sense, of course – he’s a lovely chap. But when it comes to dance music, the man’s passion for tunes turns him into a (very slightly scary) dynamo. But it’s all good – the man’s electric passion for his job has translated into a successful and still-growing career, one that has jumped to a new level in the past month.

For a start, he’s just released his new deep house track, ‘Look Inside’ (co-produced with Rulers Of The Deep), which comprises eight minutes of hypnotic deep house basslines electronic synths and echoey voices commanding the listener to ‘look inside’ to find love. It’s been warmly received all over the place, and has even been selected as one of Pete Tong’s top-10 tracks on his UK radio show. But, for Pierre, there’s something even more special about it. ‘Not only did I produce it with Rulers Of The Deep,’ he explains, ‘it is also my voice that you can hear on the track. I went into the booth and just said things spontaneously in English, French and Persian. So when I say, “It’s all about love,” you can hear that in all three languages. It’s about bringing people together.’

It’s a philosophy that Pierre is also applying to Unity, the fourth in his annual KaRavan series of double-disc collections. In previous years the music had a fairly consistent format – planned like a ‘spiritual journey’, the first CD would contain soulful, Balearic beats for the daytime that slowly developed into progressive and tribal sounds on the second disc. This time around, however, things have changed. ‘It’s still the same concept as before,’ he says, ‘but there is evolution in the concept. Before, CD one was called ‘Light’ and CD two was called ‘Dark’, but now they’re called ‘Descent’ and ‘Ascent’. ‘Descent’ means downbeat, low-tempo music, but it also means descending from another world. And ‘Ascent’ means upbeat, but also ascending to another plane of existence.

‘The name Unity is also important – I believe that 2009 is the year of unity. With the new US president and with the world working together against global warming, it feels like we are coming together for good causes. So I see this album as an evolution. It says we are evolving – ourselves, the music and the world.’

Pierre will be able to see for himself how the world is evolving as he’ll be promoting the album with 10-hour-long DJ sets in countries including Spain, Portugal and India. ‘The KaRavan series has pushed me a lot on the club scenes,’ he enthuses. ‘I have at least 22 clubs that are looking forward to the next CD – places as different as Barcelona and the Czech Republic – that want to book me for those 10-hour sets.’ Ten hours, though! We get tired out sitting at a computer all day. How does he do it? ‘Maybe it’s because this music is my mission in life. When I play music I recoup the energy from the crowd’s enthusiasm. The last gig I did was at 360° – we counted 2,900 people coming and going throughout the day. It was wonderful to see totally different people dancing at 3pm and midnight, from young people to the old school – that’s lovely!’

Lovely indeed – and for Pierre, bringing together so many different people on the dancefloor is something of a spiritual calling. ‘All of what I’m talking about – the concept of KaRavan, my 10-hour set – it all goes back to my spiritual path in life. I don’t want to get technical about it, but I believe that we are all joined to the same source of life and everything is inside you to connect with that. That’s why I call this new KaRavan Unity, because we’re all humans, and I want to unite everyone for the same purpose of life, and to celebrate.’
Unity is in stores. ‘Look Inside’ is available at www.traxsource.com.

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