Ebony Bones

We reveal one of the world's most played, yet unsigned, artists, before she hits The Rooftop this weekend

We like this Ebony Bones character. We enjoy the DIY, bedroom-recorded, tribal-drum-heavy, post-punk rackets that she makes. We admire the way she will apparently throw on the contents of a children’s crèche and somehow pull it off, even if she ends up looking like the exiled queen of the Teletubbies. We love the fact that she took her musical name (her real one is Ebony Thomas) from Mr Bones, a chain-smoking comic book character with invisible skin. And we can’t help but smile at the fact that she’s dared to live the dream by releasing a single with the supremely silly title ‘Don’t Fart On My Heart’.

Some of those might seem to be ludicrous reasons to like someone, but we’ve always been creatures of whimsy. And if we need to back up our opinions then we can always point to critical acclaim: Ebony’s already become the most played unsigned artist on BBC Radio One and was invited to perform at the Massive Attack-curated Meltdown Festival last year, all without releasing an album. And she was achieving even before the music, albeit in a slightly more kitsch way: as an actress on UK soap opera Family Affairs, she picked up three British Soap Opera Awards for ‘sexiest female’ and two for ‘best comedy actor’.

All of which is a roundabout way of getting to the important bit: Ebony Bones will play a at iLL Communications at the Madinat Rooftop on April 30. Those of you with long memories will recall that her last appearance there was postponed, but we’ve been assured that her appearance this time around is definitely on. We expect a drum-heavy mix of rock and dance tunes, and clothing that’s very nearly crazy enough to be on a par with the rest of Dubai.

Ebony Bones plays Madinat Rooftop, April 30.

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