Retro Dubai

Take a trip back in time with Dubai’s top retro nights to try

Cheezy at Zinc: This Crowne Plaza spot is the place to go for a laugh - especially if you like a spacious dance floor on which to showcase your talents. Throw cheap drinks and a lively atmosphere into the mix, and you’ve got yourself a good night.

Absolut 80s at Sho Cho: The poser-heavy crowd takes the fun edge off 80s night at Sho Cho but the music’s as retro as it comes. One to try, if you value your tunes over shape-throwing on a retro night out. Book ahead if you want a table.

EightZero at Sanctuary:
This is Dubai’s posh version of a retro night. There are no budget drinks deals to be had at Atlantis but the music’s slick and there are plenty of pretty punters if an evening of people watching’s on the cards.

Nelsons, on a Thursday:
Essentially, it’s a sports bar, but come Thursday night nelson’s really swings into action with an evening of retro madness. Expect a waxy’s type vibe and an equally lairy crowd.

Retro night, Submarine on a Saturday:
There are 80s and 90s pop classics, plus drinks deals. How polite. Think ambitious dancing all round, especially from the boys.

Triple X at the Rain Club: You don’t get much more retro than a cover band knocking out the old classics. This is the place to head to if a bit of a sing song’s on the cards. All together now!

V Night at Rock Bottom café on Tuesdays:
Free drinks for ladies, with a generous helping of cheesy tunes. Don’t mind if we do.

80s night at Chi:
Chi’s a pretty cheesy spot at the best of times so you know what to expect from 80s night. Lashings of retro fun, with an up-for-it crowd.

Inferno night at Elegante:
Yes, catch up, the 90s are now retro too. Expect a bit of Take That mixed in with the usual 70s and 80s retro classics. Lovely.

Waxy O’Connor’s brunch:
Ok, so it’s not a night, but you don’t get much more retro than the music at Friday brunch at Waxy’s now do you. The sheer number of people crammed into this sweaty spit and sawdust style joint make it tricky to move though, so leave your more ambitious shapes at home.

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