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We bagged the big man himself, Roberto Cavalli, for a chat while he was in town


The Cavalli club has a shopping, entertainment and nightlife concept behind it; how do you see this mix working?
Dubai is a city of the future and the Cavalli Club is a futuristic space created with a global perspective. Dubai reflects the third millennium that has just started, and that will continue by proposing new expressions that can change the habits of the world. Living against monotony, with the enjoyment of music, of good food, of pleasant company is the Cavalli Club philosophy, and Dubai is opening the windows of tomorrow onto this project. Dubai will become an important window for the future and an important reference city.

Do you plan on opening other Cavalli clubs?
The Cavalli Club in Florence opened last December 2008, with Cavalli Club Milan to follow in the next three months. Openings in other major cities worldwide are expected within the next few years and I am evaluating cities such as Los Angeles, London, and Miami.

What inspired the whole concept of and what can we expect from it?
Music, happiness, entertainment, amazing food and delicious drinks.

The boutique at the Cavalli club mainly features accessories. Do you plan on adding your clothes to the store as well?
The boutique at the Cavalli Club will feature top high end accessories such as watches, jewellery and sunglasses. There are no plans to add clothes.

Why do you think people are drawn to your accessories?
Because they are simply fabulous.

What are your views on opening Cavalli club during the recession?
People will keep on spending for their entertainment, even in this period. I do not like to call it ‘recession’ but ‘change’. Opening the Cavalli Club has been a way to transmit my positivism as I always lived taking an optimistic view of things.

You have been in the fashion industry for five decades. What inspires you to keep up to date with new trends?
I love to learn from young people. Young customers are the ones who really inspire me. I love to look at the way in which they mix clothes and accessories, in the way they are influenced by music and I try to create things that they might like. Another big source of inspiration for me has always been the femininity of women. Many Cavalli customers are women – sensual and extremely feminine.

How do you account for the rebirth of your success in your later life?
It just happened to me and it made me extremely happy.

What is your proudest moment to date?
My show in Florence, on Ponte Vecchio some seasons ago, with a lot of celebrity friends of mine – that was a great moment; an historical venue in my beloved hometown, dedicated to me and to my collections.

What’s left for you to achieve?
I always like to face new challenges in my life. After many years in fashion I like to try applying my creativity in new fields. That’s why I created three special Cavalli artworks for the Coca Cola Light bottles, launched on the Italian market in a limited edition. I also designed my first ever credit card, ‘The Cavalli Card’, which allows membership to enter my world, and, of course, the Cavalli Clubs. Many more projects have already been planned, so there are new and exciting challenges to come.

A lot of your creations feature a snake. What significance does that have for you?
I think that God is the greatest designer. All the beauty he created, and which surrounds us in nature, is overwhelming for everyone. Think of the skins and furs of some animals and the colours and patterns they wear! The snake is such an elegant animal and I am attracted by the colours of their skins. I have been simply copying nature, trying to get that beauty in my fashion.

We heard that it cost US$30 million dollars to open The Cavalli Club. What level of luxury does that buy you?
Luxury is not a question of how much money you spend, but how you spend money to create your dreams.

Which celebrity would you like to dress?
I love to work with all the celebrities. I love all of them and they all love me! Many young rock and pop stars today have the perfect style and attitude to wear my creations. I love music; it gives me a lot of inspiration.

Who are your favourite celebrities that you have worked with so far?
I have worked with so many of them…Sharon Stone, Victoria Beckham, Halle Berry, Beyoncè… really so many. I hope to dress many others also.

Rumour has it that you will be back in Dubai for the opening of your new boutique in Dubai Mall. Is this something we can look forward to?

I am personally not aware of this information, but I am happy to hear this from you.

First impressions

Tania Shaikh takes a peek at the new Cavalli boutique.
Enter a world of glitz and glamour where the shiny, sparkly and sensational might just leave you speechless. A private entrance leading into the open plan Cavalli boutique is set up every evening to showcase exquisite Cavalli accessories on the ground floor of the Fairmont Hotel.

The boutique is open from 8pm till 2am, with all manner of home furnishings ranging from signed plates to lamps, and china to glassware. Other trinkets include wine openers and bag holders, jewellery and watches.

The leather-skinned lothario’s love affair with animal prints and opulent settings is evident in every accessory found in the boutique. It’s a bold and different way of shopping to do it throughout the night, but we reckon this must see boutique will most definitely set trends in Dubai’s fashion lands.

So we say visit and take a souvenir home, but remember the words of the man himself: ‘Beautiful things are expensive’.
Cavalli Club 04 332 5555, Fairmont Hotel. Open 8pm-2am.

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