André Pulse

The Brazilian pioneer talks fire fighting and nudity with <em>Time Out</em>. It's all in a days work for this guy

Tell us about the last…

…DJing disaster you experienced.
Last month I went to a gig in Salvador, Brazil. The organisers put some huge, fire-spitting machines directly above the DJ booth. Every time they fired, I jumped. It freaked me out, but not as much as when the flames caused the stage to set on fire. There were firefighters there who put it out and thankfully there was no damage. But the night went on, the crowd loved the accident – and the music never stopped!

…time you felt really proud of yourself.
I felt really proud of myself the last time I played in Manaus in the Amazon. It was the fourth time I had played there and it was really nice to see everybody chanting my name and raising their arms at the end of my show. I am well known in my country and I am really proud of what I have achieved up to today.

…time you feared for your life.
I never worried about dying until my son was born in 1998. And, after that, I almost instantly started worrying about it. Life has been really good to me and nothing has ever happened that might have put my life at risk, so I have to be thankful to God. I try to take especially good care of my health now!

…time you owned a club.
I’ve been working as a DJ since 1988, but I didn’t open my first club until 1993 – that was Casanostra, and it ran until 2000. In 1999 I decided to open up Pulse, which would play house music at a time when techno was the most popular genre in Brazil. It was pretty audacious, but it paid off: house is now the biggest genre and now I am well known in Brazil for my groundbreaking, pioneering attitude. I closed Pulse in 2003 so I could dedicate myself fully to DJing. Now I share shows with Chris Lake, Tocadisco, The Flash Brothers, Luke Dzierzek, Redanka and Martijn Ten Velden.

…amazing thing you saw.
Once when I was playing in [Pulse], a beautiful girl suddenly started stripping down on the dancefloor. Everybody was incredibly confused and we had to move her out of there. To this day I don’t know who that crazy girl was.

…track you made.
I’ve made some tracks, but I’m very critical of myself and I never like the final product as much as other DJs’ works. The reason for this is that I just don’t have the time to focus on producing. Even building a studio in my home didn’t help. I have between 12 and 14 gigs a month, so whatever time I have to myself I like to spend with my son or researching music. But now I’m trying to reorganise my routine so I can dive into the studio.

André Pulse plays at Sanctuary on June 18.

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